Unfair match making System

I am sure everyone has noticed that the match making system does not allow solo que players to climb ladder. The ranks are not based on skill, there are great players in bronze league and awful players in diamond league. If you make a brand-new account, your placement and league can vary drastically which should not be the case if the ladder system places you at your skill level. Also arranged teams should never be mixed with solo que players.


New accounts start in s4.

I agree that solo shouldn’t be sacrified to the premade stacks. Dumbest design ever. I’m even more amazed at the people defending the 5 stacks lol.

Everyone keeps asking for new content… but no one wants to address what has killed the player base. Every player on my friends list who has quit over the years has left because of how awful it is. Yeah they may return every 6-12 months to see what has changed, but quickly uninstall once they see the issues still haven’t been addressed.


I fully agree match making is completely broken, however when has it ever worked? I mean your asking Blizzard todo something they have never actually got right in the first place.

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A side note to this. Their absolutely insane reporting system is an unforeseen factor in this problem. It used to be possible to climb out of silver because silver players were bad. Almost every single silver player i have words with now says the same thing “main account is banned”. And silvers skill level is not normal now. Youll get a game of 3 new players on your team vs 3 banned diamond players queued together. Like this games problems run deep man its crazy.

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Oh yeah. Its such a easy fix too. If a diamond player groups with 3 silver or gold players. the gold players should be ranked as if they were diamond but nah they think cause they match them against 5 plat 4-5 players. its a fair match.

They have admited that there is a problem with there rank system and matchmaking. And there has not been a fix since then. That shows how much they care about you and this game in general. They will never fix this game.

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I agree. I wish they would. I would love to have a reason to come back to this game but I want to have fun, not carry afks and trolls or lose 19 games in a row cause I get these playeres.

this game can be amazingly fun, it has so much going for it mostly cause it is macro not micro so there is room for errors and people can learn from their mistakes. IT has alwasy been the matchmaking and rank system that has been a huge issue. they could never get it right. Nore do they have enough education on the game. they need more tuts and what not to get teh noobs up to speed faster. been playing the game fore 6 years i could ramble on forever about what they should do.

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I have so many screenshots of games where I have seen diamonds against golds due to people clearly boosting through premades and abusing the terrible system we have.

yes there man grps are the best to abuse the system. it is not even hard it is so broken. but as i said before they dont care. There should be a solo q and a team q like it was

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You right but then everyone cries saying there is no community for it. Then just solo que. Sorry 5man premades shouldnt get free wins cause 85% of the remaining players are trolls. I really hope microsoft spends some money on this game. I have lost all interest in it til a big change happens.

The matchmaker isn’t designed to create fair matchups. It’s designed to sell skins.

No, really. Blizzard said so in their patent: US20160001181A1 (google it)

I don’t mind playing vs 5 stacks, but at the same time I love being able to solo to rank up. Over the last few days I’ve found it pretty annoying to rank up around the silver 5 area, so many people throwing on purpose. I had one game where a Lili would just run around the map fighting the enemy when they should be with the tank or other team mates, helping them. I wish there was a an easy answer for players that die on purpose, but there isn’t unfortunately.