Unable to play since Patch


It seems with this new patch I’m unable to launch the game and even log in. I’ve been following the forums and troubleshooting some things I’ve read on others post. It went from hitting"Play" and the game crashing, to now getting into the Authentication screen and getting the crash.

Crash Code: 82072937-77DD-4908-A785-F218D8FAE325


Hey, Zrsteve! I’m sorry that we missed this the last few days and hopefully, you were able to find a resolution by now!

If not, it looks like the crashes are due to OneDrive syncing with the files. It’s usually syncing with the Documents folder since Heroes’ Variable file is stored there. Turning off the sync, should fix up the crashes!

If you would prefer to uninstall, it’s recommended not to uninstall in general, especially without turning off the sync first, since it can continue cause issues otherwise.


Unfortunately that did not work. I signed out of my account so it would no longer sync and then I uninstalled the App. altogether. The new error code I got was :8903E669-2854-4647-8AFC-65895BCD2D63.

Hope this helps, thank you!


I have the same problem. Turning off OneDrive didn’t work for me.


I was able to get it fixed. I had to re-download Onedrive from Office 375 website and not the Microsoft Store. I paused syncing and was able to play two matches, thank you!


I found out what fixed it. So OneDrive will sometimes move your entire Documents folder over to the actual OneDrive location, instead of keeping it on your computer. I opened my OneDrive folder in File Explorer, and then cut and paste from the OneDrive back into my Documents.

It was frustrating, but basically, OneDrive will move your entire Documents folder, and HotS is unable to locate your local files. It took me about a week to figure this out. I hope it helps!


Disabled OneDrive and reinstallled game…no luck, the game still crashes randomly all the time