Unable to log in based on where I am located - help please!


I’ve had this problem in the past, where I could not log onto my main Heroes account for a week or so because of constant authentication errors. For some reason, changing my email fixed that.

So the problem arised again, but only in my accounts that were higher up in rank (no bans were issued). Anyway, I went back from college, where I cannot connect, back to my home town. Instantly, when I got back home and tried logging in, my main account worked! Then, when I tried at college once I got back, I got the authentication error again.

I want to point out that my non-ranked accounts are completely able to log in without any errors. I’d appreciate any help!

P.S for those that want to yell at me for having smurfs, I do it to play with friends who are not nearly good enough to enjoy a game at my main’s MMR.

I have been at my college location for over a year and resolved this problem once already. No email or anything has been received.

Hey Max,

This kind of sounds like an authentication caching issue for your main account when you’re connecting through your college campus internet. There generally isn’t anything special about an individual account that would cause this. The only difference could be the amount of unlocks/licenses that get loaded for your main account versus the non-ranked accounts. If the main account is cached somehow it might be the college network that is causing this.

The best way to test would be to connect through a mobile hotspot/tether or connect through a VPN while hooked up to the college internet. Using mobile data or a VPN would likely bypass the issue on the college network.

What VPN would you recommend I use? I don’t want to have to pay for another service on top of what I already do to play HotS on my main account.

Hey again,

We can’t recommend any one specific VPN to use, but you’re welcome to look up reviews and search online for one. Most of them offer free trials that can just be used to test the issue, before having to make any kind of purchase.

Again though if we suspect that the issue is being caused by your school’s network, then it would be up to the IT team there to resolve whatever is causing the login problems. Perhaps they can help you with that so you don’t have to rely on a VPN while you’re there.