Ugh these OW heroes

Popularity Order (Most -> Least)

  • Genjis? (1)
    Usually suck and don’t know what they’re doing. [3/10]
  • Hanzos? (2)
    Never show up for battles and they only stun enemies with their ults. [4/10]
  • Tracers? (3)
    FML itself. [4/10]
  • Junkrats? (4)
    Same as above. [4/10]
  • Anas? (5)
    Can’t heal nor throw darts in a straight line even if their lives depended on it. [5/10]
  • Lucios? (6)
    The most (& only) redeemable alongside Zarya [7/10]
  • Zaryas? (7)
    Same as above. [8/10]
  • D.VAs? (8)
    Sees more baby D.VA than the bloody mech most of the time. [3/10]
  • Meis? (-)
    No comment yet. [-/10]

So far, only 2/8 (not including Mei) are actually redeemable in the OW lineup.
That’s very disappointing and with that level of bad design, they don’t belong in HoTS.

Just remove the entire cast.
Their kits suck, their players suck and most of all, they make the game suck.


OW heroes definitely belong in this game. They allow more variety and mechanics in the style of play; well at least better than having casual heroes like Raynor.

Also if they were a balance problem; why most of them (Ana, Lúcio, Tracer, Junkrat, Mei and Zarya) have balanced winrates in Master league?


Sorry to say, but no.
Variety does not always means it’s good. Case and point, Cho’Gall, TLV, Deathwing all are very dynamic and unique but they are underplayed and do not bring anything to the game since nobody really plays them.

Because, that’s Master league…
That’s like what, 1~2% of the entire game?
The other 99~98% of the population generally handle very poorly on most OW heroes and I’m not going to give them a free pass simply becuz they are doing a-okay on a very niche group of players.

Also, master league players are decent with most champions so their figures don’t surprise me.

Bring me master & below stats and we can talk.


Murky has a selection rate similar to almost any ow hero in case you didn’t know. Also, no one uses Chogall and TLV because they are heroes of the trash in a bad state like Genji and

This is a number problem, not a kit problem. You could buff Chogall enough and leave him broken, the same goes for OW mobility. So… What is your point?

DW still has a much higher selection rate than any OW hero, which by the way, he is easily the “Worst” design of the game due to his immunity to the main mechanic: CC.

And besides that:

Thanks for showing that you have no idea about the game. Deathwing continues to have very high stats in any competitive rank in case you didn’t know. Much more than Tracer could ever dream of. And of course, his release was much more terrifying than the Tracer rework.

I’m sorry to say, but the game isn’t balanced around QM.

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Who are you to say what should belong in this game or not? They’re Blizzard creations so of course they have a place here. Removing them is an extreme way of saying you don’t know how to play/counterplay them, but that’s coming from a casual player like me.

Also, although there are times where simply having diverse playstyle is bad since no one plays them, your example of Deathwing and TLV is… quite embarrassing to say the least. What’s next? you want to make Abathur a melee assassin? Give Murky 2k HP?

Seriously what is it with people and removing heroes?


Very insightful post, dunno if troll or not.


First of all, MininaFelina, you need to take it down a notch and stop having your knickers in a twist. Just becuz you and I disagree onsmth does NOT mean you can hype yourself up like some lunatic. Got that?


You need to think coherently first.

Is it pickrate or balancing?
You seem to go back and fourth with the two like you said:
Murky = good pickrate
Chogall TLV D.VA etc = bad balance.
They are not mutually the same since they are completely on different topics.

Second, you say that Chogall being buffed to the state that he is broken…
I hear this a lot.
Why does a buff means smth is always going to be broken?
If that is true, then its the devs fault for being incompetent at designing heroes!

You are getting your words twisted again.

How is a hero the WORST designed hero in the game but yet he has a very high stat average in competitive rank? Isn’t it that DW is the BEST designed hero simply he is doing so well in the game?

Or are u saying that bad designed heroes = strong in competitive?

I don’t get your logic mate…

And also:

Thanks for narrowing at least 3 examples down to one hero lol.

DW is only popular due to his strong Anti-CC and his design.

Not to mention, he is high in banrates too FYI.

Lol, no wonder the game’s dead.
It’s like OW.
Balanced for professionals therefore, the majority leaves hahaha

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The easiest way to tell if a particular poster is worth engaging with or if their threads should just be insta-blocked for sanity purposes is to look at their post history.


The only reddeemable OW hero is hanzo because he has a talent called redemption.


SMH You didn’t read your previous post…

You said that most of another design heroes are not used by anyone and have poor performance = False

You lied. Sorry, but this is how it works. You cannot throw words into the air and hope that no one notices.

Bad balance is leaving OP or weak a hero, because the balance is bad. Good balance is to leave a hero balanced, a case that applies to most OW heroes.

Please, look up the definition of bad-good design before talking about something you have no idea about. A hero is not a good design being OP, very strong or weak with difficulties of balance (As Deathwing is) a bad hero design is a difficult hero to balance. Since that is why it is called Bad design, since they are difficult to balance (Overwatch’s only balance issues are Genji and Hanzo, who are very weak) But Deathwing is the opposite. Despite the nerfs, he remains troublesome at all stages of the game.

Deathwing is the “worst” design because he also avoids what I mentioned before: the CC.

This is weird… Because you were saying DW is useless when even he considerably outshines Diablo in Masters. Really?

Even if our conversation were to focus on QM (Your favorite game mode), Murky has more pickrate and winrate than most OW heroes.

You can search for The other heroes at the same link.

Who is talking without having idea LOL? If you think that the game is dead because it is balanced around Master, then you must stop smoking :grimacing:… Lol.

The numbers speak for themselves! You are Bronze. I am not making fun of you for being that; I mean, you belong to 95% of the group of casual players, it is normal :joy:

Then perfect. But you clearly don’t know about the game. I am a Master in my main account, much higher than you. I have more game understanding than you which is why i’m higher than you. If you get a master someday, you @ me again and then we could argue quietly about design and balance :yawning_face:

Thats weird. It is ironic that this is said by a crybaby who cries to eliminate heroes just because you’re bad at the game, and on top of that you tell me that I am a lunatic? To clarify, I’ve never cried for Blizzard to remove heroes from the game, I guess the shoe fits you. Thanks for making me laugh.

Why is this flagged? so many overwatch loyalist in these forums

Overwatch definitely belong in this game, I don’t care how much time you’ll say no, I don’t care how much Overwatch haters we have in this game, but the answer is still the same, they definitely belong in this game, like it or not, and no matter what you’ll say, end of the line. And besides, they bring something different in the game, that means, new gameplay mechanics, which is a good thing if we just bring the same thing, the game will be extremely boring.


Very well said :smiley:

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They say that every time and every time we say the same thing to them…

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Hell, it’s true. I will correct it. Thanks for the warning :+1::grin:

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lol, np

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You must be quite the best since you are “Master” in a dying game… congratz… :clap::clap::clap:I respect you for it, but I would like to know your main account please, for reference!

I mean, if you are so clearly better than a casual player like me, I wonder what you bring to the game that I have not yet mentioned. (I have high winrates though… so not too shabby :slight_smile: )

your English is pretty poor despite trying to be snide, so I don’t get half the things you’re saying…

I mean… wtf is this? lol…

I already know the difference buddy hahaha

My question regarding your logic was based on your poor wording choice and lack of coherent logic. You really should read my post again CAREFULLY and read the hidden sarcasm lol.


You just nitpick DW from my 3+ examples I gave out.
TLV, Cho’Gall, D.VA, DW etcetera…
Maybe I did try to generalize too much, but you should stop focusing on one hero when the original sentence mentions “them”

Another flawed logic on your part.
I’m not annoyed becuz of the OW heroes’ pickrates.

It’s the lack of players’ capabilities that prevent them from playing them well outside of “master” league.

I’ll make it simple:
Are kitchen knives dangerous?
Yes, but with proper capabilities you can handle them correctly.
But if 99% of the population can’t use knives properly then maybe it doesn’t belong there maybe?

Same here.
OW heroes are maybe badly designed, but if only 1~2% of the entire population who play the game are the only ones who knows how to play them correctly, shouldn’t they be removed or at least changed dramatically?

What’s the point in keeping multiple broken heroes which negatively impact the game for the 99%?

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Oh this is so much fun, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone so angry for telling the truth behind his rank.

Dude, stop lying to Buddha XD.

There are several popular OW heroes right now like the QM stompers: Tracer, Genji and Hanzo. Although those heroes (Except Tracer) are very bad in Masters, they are good in QM and not as you say.

This is funny! Please, seriously please, improve on your reading skills, because most of what I wrote was clear, and don’t blame others understand via writing what you are trying to convey. some people excuse themselves in words without taking into account the product of them, lol.

Yes, the English isn’t my natal language (Also the English I am speaking is from the United Kingdom)… I always strive to improve my english, unlike a crybaby who wants OW’s heroes to be eliminated, just to let you know :smiley:

Sarcasm? Oh sir XD. You didn’t say anything sarcastic. You said Deathwing doesn’t contribute anything:

At this moment I tell you that he is not, and nothing that comes from your ignorance proves it.

LOL Are you sure about that? Are you ok? So why does it appear that you have a 50% winrate? Send screenshots showing your winrate and you will prove that you are not a troll, this is your chance!

I will look forward to your statistics, so no problem, I hope you don’t flinch. You said you have a high winrate and I want to see it :slight_smile:

If you don’t have TL3 then you can paste the link from the screenshot. Click the arrows </>, then an icon called “Preformatted Text” will appear, then put the link of your screen capture inside after deleting “Preformatted Text” and keep the ` on the sides and it will work.

I hope you don’t flinch because it would be disappointing :frowning:

Just to let you know. I don’t feel like adding crybaby on my Battlenet or Discord, which instead of improving, asks for the elimination of the OW heroes, but in a little while I will send a screenshot if you want.

Lol, you are pretty sensitive aren’t ya?
I mean, I would continue to maintain this discussion, but you simply can’t act civil.

But I’ll make things very quick to end this discussion:

Here’s what I wrote in the very last sentence of my topic post:

What do you mean don’t lie lol.
And more importantly, why Buddha? :rofl:

Never said they weren’t popular lol.

Nope, they weren’t, not the things that lacked coherent logic.

Sorry, but it really didn’t make any logical nor grammatical sense.
I think learning to write something properly to convey a message is English 101…

I mean, “understand you I mean do”?

Yes, I know UK English… but what you say is smth quite different.

Good! Keep going!

Hmmmm, you seem to not really know the meaning of “sarcasm”… YOU don’t get to say whether I was being sarcastic or not :sweat_smile:

Fine fine. You do you.
You can go to “Match History” to see my most recent matches…
I don’t play much though… So you are probably better than me!
oh and I used HOTSlogs cuz ur link only recorded til 2019 Season 1.5…

No, you can just put a comment here with that account thank you :slight_smile:

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