Tyrande's hunter's mark needs to be more visible


It is barely visible in the heat of a fight. I bet those of you who don’t play tyrande don’t even remember what the hunter’s mark looks like because you’ve never seen it before.

I did a simple google search and found a reddit thread with close to 800 upvotes for this change: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/8gpedj/tyrande_really_needs_a_good_visual_indicator_for/

It’s pretty important to signal to your allies to focus the target, so I don’t know why the visuals for this ability is almost invisible, especially because there are multiple tyrande talents that buff the mark (e.g. cause allies to heal when attacking marked enemies)

The funny thing is, based on the reddit thread, it was once (in the past) more visible but was changed so it became invisible. Really odd change if you ask me…


Oh well I asked in the reddit ama about this but didn’t get a reply, dont think this will be happening anytime soon…

Edit: Elune’s chosen is by far tyrande’s most picked and strongest tier 1 talent. I would have thought making the mark more obvious to teammates woukd be a good way to buff her hunter mark talent at level 1 (heals teammates who attack marked target) without actually giving it a straight up power increase

Might be sonething for the devs to consider since tyrande hardly has a healthy talent duversity at the moment


Having played a few more tyrande games, I think I know what the issue is.

The mark simply DISAPPEARS after the first 0.5 seconds of being casted.

Can it like, just stay on for the full duration? The mark itself is not even visually intrusive, it is already so mild and barely noticeable, why does it have to completely fade away?

Especially on non-heroic targets in a chaotic fight (bosses, punishers, immortals etc), there is no negative armour indicator to show it anymore after 0.5 seconds. Even on heroes, lots of abilities reduce armour but the mark does other things as well (e.g. heal allies if you take the currently trap talent mark of mending, and guess why it’s a trap, because no one can see the mark)

Come on, it’s called hunter’s mark, can’t it like… actually mark the target for its duration?


Both her hunter mark and trueshot aura deserve an art and sound upgrade


i mean aside from being pretty, whats the point here? Can’t you see the red armor icon?


Correct in my case.

20 arrows.


First you can’t see the red armour icon on non-heroic targets, a lot of which are important to focus down too in a chaotic fight, such as bosses, immortals, garden terrors, punishers etc.

Second, there are many sources of armour reduction. But the hunter’s mark is not just a generic armour reduction. It also allows allies to benefit from talents such as mark of mending when they can see and actually hit the marked targets (which is currently a trash talent, probably because no one can see the mark to benefit from it)


Okay, fair enough :slight_smile:


So like how Hunters Marked in WoW?

a HUGE floating red mark on their heads?


Or simply on the model of the hero, same as it is right now except more obvious and lasts the full duration (not 0.5 seconds)


I personally think it would be a bit distracting if it remained the entire duration. I don’t mind making the initial mark a bit more obvious