Two Charges of Sweeping Strike

When will illidan’s two charges return?

Plenty of heroes are now hyper mobile. Illidan is a fragile hero without that second charge and lacks a certain type of aggressiveness in his dives that once existed when the game was new.

Remove the quest and give him back this second charge. Nerfing his damage is acceptable to regain a second charge. The time has come to remove the quest.


I can agree with that. Hard to disagree with tracer blinking around every game.

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At least make Unbound a little bit easier to complete. Illidan is typically played off lane so it’s usually too difficult to be worth taking over Friend or Foe.


That’s what I’m talking about. Illidan lacks the mobility he once had, and Unbound can be a difficult quest to complete.

If it is to remain a *talent choice, then the hit requirements should be removed for the selection of two charges. THOUGH, this talent choice of 2 charges should not replace the AA damage increase for the level 1 choice.

I do kind of think he needs it.
Though I think it may be good to give him 2 charges at base, in exchange for increasing the cooldown of Sweeping Strike to 12 seconds or something.

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Surely he could get it as a baseline quest? That still forces him to complete it. Since he gets it outright it could take more stacks even.

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illidan is fine

inb4 “yeah post the best illidan in the world, that sure is a good reason not to buff illidan” yeah, it is a good reason. Heroes with such insanely high potential need to be hard to play, one friend-or-foe Q and one W is enough

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If you wanna add in more mobility baseline, you’re going to lose something more important than some damage. They would end up reducing lifesteal or the cdr he gets, because those are the main reasons for why he’s so tricky to balance.

Illidan mains would be rioting in the street if either got touched the wrong way.


How many buffs does illidan need before people complain about him as much as tracer? :thinking:


That doesn’t change the fact that his lvl 4 talents need help other than Friend or Foe. Rapid Chase is medicore and Unbound simply takes too long to complete.

He can get some underused talents amped up a little bit without altering his place in the meta, which I would argue is pretty healthy overall.


I’ve been an illidan main since alpha, and I thought that taking away Seasoned Marksman for the easier to achieve Unending Hatred was a bad move even though it gave him more early game damage. I also thought that increasing his damage from Blades of Azzinoth was not necessary.

I would return to Seasoned Marksman to make AA damage harder to achieve like it was then, and reduce Blade of Azzinoth damage. Seasoned Marksman increased attack speed at 40 stacks which took time but felt really good to get in the late game.

It felt like they wanted to go more with this one sweep more AA damage output than illidan having his two charges in from the start.

Two charges was in his base abilities. Since then, heroes have been become more mobile and some heroes completely lock you down. That extra charge was an escape, or allowed you maneuverability in the middle of combat.

I would gladly take reduction in damage build up to regain two charges. I think many Illidan mains would enjoy having two charges of Sweeping Strike placed back into his base abilities.

Back then before his talents were revised to increase his damage output, It never felt bad because I had my 2 charges to play with. My damage came from Sweeping Strike damage bonus upkeep.

His lifesteal is based off his damage so they go hand in hand, by the way.

A fascinating question. We should find out.

Well since he has abathur on him on lots of fights and since giving tracer tassadar didn’t bother the devs i would say give him abathur baseline.

We’ve already seen time and time again that Illidan doesn’t get locked down by players who have the hero played at a high enough level. I don’t know you, so maybe you’re one of these players if you’ve played him for so long, but if so, it’ll still be really difficult to convince players that watch Fan or other pro players that Illidan is in a struggling state due to mobility creep.

Yes, obviously, but they can still directly affect how much life steal comes from auto attacking. It’d be oblivious to think Blizzard would just reduce AA dmg (in turn reducing life steal) and call it a day in order to give double W. With as fickle as Illidan’s balancing is, it’s more likely to be a complex change.

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I know counters exist and all but using zuljin against Illidan is almost impossible to beat Illidumb. It’s debatable whether he counters AA heroes more than anubarak cocoon vs lucio

Allied Q baseline is all I can give

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The developers probably forgot about skillidan :frowning:

It is for the best that they forget him

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That’s what I would target, make Unbound a little easier to complete. Not reduce the required stacks outright, but tweak it a bit. E. g. “Hit enemies with Sweeping Strikes 250 times. Heroes count as 5.”
Something that makes it completable without having to teamfight all time early game.

But baseline… I’d rather not. Too much.

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Also rapid chase is not that bad if you are going to mostly solo lane and/or play with teammates so unreliable/bad they won’t even be in range to be Qed back to.
Happens a lot more than i thought it would.