Twin blades varian needs a rework


Honestly, that can boomerang right back on ya…


See hailfail? Why do I even need an alt account?

I don’t even need one. You’re trying to get your buddy to gang up on me. xD But majority of this forum doesn’t even like your posts.



I honestly think Varian is one of the most balanced heroes in terms of design alone - not so much when you compare him to other heroes but it times of design he’s pretty spot on. So is Muradin and other heroes.

The problem with MOBAs is there will always be weaker designed heroes and stronger designs heroes. It’s just the nature of the best. It’s why Diablo and other heroes have CONSTANTLY been through reworks and balance changes but still remain at the top.

It’s time to move on to other heroes.

Varian just falls in the being designed well but it terms when it comes to other heroes.

I totally see your point where you feel like he just has too much going on - but from my point of view. Every newly designed heroes/reworks should be this good. (As well as being as good as Muradin and other heroes I could name)


Yea ill calling BS on the 1v5 forcewall story too.

If a varian is running he isnt attacking. If he isnt attacking he has LITERALLY 0 regen.


Is it safe to come out and say I also disagree with Hailfail without being called Striker’s alt if everyone is kinda doing it?




s :a: fe


Thank you. <3

I needed the comfort. I don’t want to be in Striker’s shadow. ;-;


Totally not true.
Or at best only for you and your troll kind.
There are a ton of funny threads and useful guides. Intellectual ppl doesn’t get bored just because there is no “drama”.


Hm, it’s like everything Striker has ever said about Hailfail is just suddenly becoming realized among our very eyes!


nah. no one forces you to read the threads, but many people would find the forum full of nothing but “GAME IS DYING” to be pretty dull.

You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.


And how are your troll “nerf/buff the wrong heroes” threads any better than the “game is dying, duh” threads? Both the same trash in my eyes.


Nope, he is good. He is strong.


I’m amazed hailfail just keep at it proving me right. Mate. It several posters came at me like just now.

I would seriously reconsider my standing and try to better my relationship with the community.

But I’m also not a troll.


I get that, but when we talk about balance it’ll ultimately/eventually come down to “in relation to all other heroes”… So its not far fetched to say against an extremely limited/particular few heroes that can weather the Varian storm, he’s pretty balanced.

On the other hand (barring the well-fed Butcher scenario which crushes everyone lol), there really isnt anything Varian has to fear in a game, unlike say mages who have extremely harsh counters. Tanks have brutal counters they can’t mess around against, healers/supports have to be especially clear about a lot of aspects of pretty much any engagement, other AA heroes have counters they have to be careful around, all “speacialists” can absolutely get stomped 1v1 for being the slightest bit greedy etc etc.

Varian is the only hero that can at least go halfway in a 1v1 with any hero (all things equal) and decide “Nah.” and ditch out pretty safely. Heck, until Varian decides to dip he’s probably hurt the other hero a solid amount too.

My point is, I can’t think of another hero (again, all things equal) that can say “Meh, I’ll give it a shot and ditch if things don’t look good” against literally any other hero. Tanks know they shouldn’t str8 fight their counters, same with everyone but Varian. Varian isn’t invincible ofc, but imo hes way too strong against anything he could possibly ever run into on the map 1v1.

Sure, I could agree with that. But the problem is of course there’d eventually be a large power gap between oldest vs the newest generation of heroes so that even if theyre the same specific role, there’d just be too many disadvantages to ever playing older heroes. Which is why I think if Varian gets to keep all his neat utility/tricks while being an “assassin”, he should take a bigger hit to his HP. But that’s just my thoughts.

I’d like to add too this conversation is proof (for no one in particular in the thread cough) that even if you don’t ultimately agree with whoever you’re discussing whatever with, it can be civil and even productive so long as there’s mutual respect and most importantly, room for actual discussion like I said before.


The forum was here before you, and the forum will be here after you. I am sorry to take away your most important beleif. I thought you just trolling around “because you can”, bit now i see its not about posting, its about you. I feel pretty sorry bruh


I thought you hated that people don’t like you on the forums, what happened to that?


Actually, Jaina is a pretty scary for a Varian with Twin Blades… she can easily out duel him and win. So can Arthas and Xul. I could list more but heh, 3 is enough. If you want me to list more. I will.

Varian does have hard counter but he’s a problem in QM (just like alot of heroes is a problem in QM) is there aren’t any counters. But that’s the fault of QM. The mode is a joke and should have never been a thing because it destroys what a MOBA is.

This is where CC comes in handy. But this game isn’t about killing the enemy. I see a lot of complains where people are complaining about X hero because they just escape. But you don’t need to kill them in order to gain victory.

Yeah, but that’s just the nature of competitive games. You don’t nerf good heroes because a large section of heroes are bad. I’m gonna plug in Unclecanon here and should go read some of posts on this matter.

Yeah, another forum poster in here suggested a frenzy state and I agree. I think Varian Twin Blade should have an option where he takes a slight increase of damage for faster/more damage output. (Around 5-7% increase of damage)

But he would need some buffs if that was going to be a thing.

But there are counters but people just refuse to pick them. Hell - Hailfail refuses to pick wound poison on Valeera just to counter him. So a lot of Varian power does come at fault to the players skill level - not so much Varian.

It’s kinda like a Li-Ming player complaining about stealth heroes while picking zero defense talents and Glass Cannon.

How much is it the actual hero’s fault or the player’s fault?








sounds like you two have a lot to discuss, let us know how it turns out!