Troll deserve perma ban

Player intentionally went whole game dying , which was not more than 10 mins becouse of him. His nick name is Y2K and becouse of him people playing in storm league suffer. I hope blizz staff take this matter seriously and ban players like that, How he even was let to play in ranked???


Even though this is clearly trolling, being bad at the game isnt punishable, least by blizzards dumb logic. They really need to resigned the player level and avaliable hero pool to be allowed in ranked. Lvl 50 accounts do not belong there, should be min of lvl 300


Too many unknowns here buddy. i rarely see a legitimate troll, its usually the whole team that’s mismatched and out of sync. But, its easier to pin it all on one person, makes us feel better and postpones that inevitable feeling of being a total turd at this game. Once you start exclusively worrying about your own gaming performance you will achieve HOTS satori, and no troll will be able to throw you off because even when you loose, you win.

If you auto walk into the team several times feeding kills, you are trolling/gamethrowing.

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Its fine. Literally only bronze cries about this. If you are so good at the game, then carry anyway.

blizzard has a great product and they let people ruin it, why??? they match me with players that are literally trying to lose. i played two matches in a row with a person who was literally named imgonnathrow then he gets to ban both times and bans our heros then mocks us all match. why should i keep playing this game with bs like that???


you are completely full of it maestral

and lets make no standards to play HL. just anyone with player lvl 50. it should at least be player lvl 300 or higher. it use to be 10 characters at lvl five but now you can just have fifty lvl 1 chrs and play ranked. how is that a qualification?


Diamond 4 here and still think this is a problem.

In this situation Im talking about person who said that he will feed whole game, pick Leoric and went under their towers the whole game if this isn’t troll in every devision I need to stop play ranked …

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This was actually a tactic back in the days, not so doable anymore though.

If the person played very badly then it is not a punishable offense. If they were intentionally dying then it is, there is even a report category for feeders/intentionally dying in game.

What is punishable is naming and shaming. I suggest editing out the player’s name. One of the reasons for this is that account names are not unique so naming and shaming can end up hurting innocent players who just happen to share account names (not actual accounts) with trolls.

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STOP getting mad at us this is a difficult game to play and we are going online to get better at the game!!! So STOP doing this and stop being an entitled little eliteist brat!! Seriously. You make other gamers look bad with your behavior. We are not “feeding” other players and no idea what that even means. It’s a dumb term and dumb idea. There are just better game players out there than I am and I am not very good at it. SO WHAT!!! SO I SUCK AT THIS GAME. SO WHAT!!!
Blizzard should make the game match the level of the person…It’s Blizzard’s fault not the beginners fault. I am not talking about ranked matches I am talking about the regular ones. I have a bunch of people who want to play some online games and I can’t even refer them here because of people like this that are on the board. SHAME ON YOU!! A bunch of Female players are shut out of games like this and because of it this game is not INCLUSIVE because of INCEL like behavior as my Girlfriend of 20 years calls it. JUST STOP IT. I have been playing video games for 40 YEARS and my first system I played was an ATARI 2600, Intellivision and Coleco. I literally worked for ATI(AMD, - on the OpenGL and Direct 3D drivers) , Intel, Google, Bose, Spacetec (Logitech) and several other tech companies. Shame on you for not having a life outside video games and excluding those who want to come play games on occasion. Just live and let live. Stop judging. Stop antagonizing people also. Cut the crap!! Be respectful or just shut your pie hole. If you see me in there know that I am just a crappy player…trying to get better…it takes time.

NOT TRUE. NOT TRUE AT ALL. Some of us get distracted by any number of things and some are learning to play the game.
Here are a list of some of them:

#1 Personally the mini map not being able to be positioned where I want it. I want it in the upper right or upper left.

#2 I am left handed and the controls are not setup for this accomodation - I have to set them up.

#3 I want to just auto select a series of talents without having to click away to select them - This is utterly ridiculous and needs a hot hey to select them. Why can’t I just set a series of selections to be automatic when available? Because that is actual coding work, that’s why.

If you are in diamond then you are not learning to play the game. If you engage 1v3 on any hero, you are feeding. If you ignore objecives when all of your team is alive and waiting on you, then you are trolling.

then dont ruin other players ranked if you know you suck, simple as that


I’m pretty sure there is a default lefty profile. No idea if it’s any good. Nobody plays with defaults anyway. You would have to set everything up for personal preference regardless, much like you do before starting any other new game.

You can set up a favorite build and press ctrl+` to pick the talent every time you get a selection. Or you can rebind that to a single button if you’re still too lazy to press 2 buttons.
Not needing to press anything at all and the talents auto-selecting would really lead to too many frustrations. There’s rarely a case where you play all the 7talents without any adjustments for the game at play. Full auto system would just lead to some seriously bad habits for new players.

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So you suck at this game and u should be placed with other sucky players so u learn the game and evolve. Fortunately for you Blizzard made a matchmaking so if u suck u are matched with good players. Lucky you.