Triple tap bug vs Maiev

Ok,so I play Maiev,Nova fires Triple tap at me,i use vault of the Wardens and leap in to the air,avoiding the first bullet. As I land on the ground,the first bullet on which i was supposed to be immune to,apples double damage,as if i was struck by 2 bullets. Then im struck by the 2nd bullet which ends up killing me by applying normal damage. The 3rd bullet is on the way but im already dead.

Provide a replay with a time tag, there is not much to work with from your description.

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I’ve definitely noticed something weird with Triple Tap from my recent games while playing against Nova, it seems to sometimes be dealing heavy front-loaded damage 2+1+? under certain conditions rather than three shots with same interval between each, the expected 1+1+1. I’ve see it happen to Maiev and Anubarak teammates.

I’m not sure about the possible last tick of damage since the first projectile hit for double than expected damage most of the time and the burst resulted in instant death. I can’t describe the exact circumstances and I’ve lost the replay.

Also here’s a proper link to the video from the post above me, for people that got redirected and didn’t bother logging in to the platform in order to see it themselves.

Look at this frame by frame, seems like frame perfect hit when it went from unhittable to hittable.

Then again, doesn’t seem it make sense why it to hits twice.

I think its some hiccup with the code that caused it register twice.

Hey everyone!

I’ll take a look into this shortly! If you wouldn’t mind forwarding a replay of this happening following the Bug Attachment Guidelines it will greatly help me find the steps to reproduce what you are seeing.

There is a chance this is a byproduct of EXTREMELY tight timing so every little bit helps!

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