Trapped in a multiplayer game that fails to start

Myself and a team of other players are currently trapped in a game that will not start. Our player sprites do not load. We are unable to input commands. We are automatically dropped for inactivity. When we rejoin, nothing changes. When we exit and reenter the game, we get prompted to rejoin the game, and it still fails to begin. Currently running HOTS release version

The other players trapped are: pluckp, ForceOfEvil, Hysteria, and CalKyanite.

Please send help! We’re effectively locked out of HOTS until we finish this unstartable game.

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The work around for bugs like this used to be to quit HotS, restart HotS, and when prompted if you want to rejoin force quit HotS (alt+F4 or task manager) rathern than pressing the prompt. When HotS next is restarted it should not prompt you to rejoin.

Otherwise you might have to wait several hours for the game session to timeout.

same thing just happend to me