Tracer lifesteal trait needs to be gone

tracer shouldn’t get the free LifeSteal from her trait she should have to talent for it like she did before.

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Her previous Lifesteal talent was trash and came to her too late. No matter if you were fine without Lifesteal or suffered, those 20% healing from AA would change nothing.


nope, if anything she needs more life steal. stay mad love, the cavalry’s here.

Tracer post #1925

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If it’s a talent, it would become either:

  • a must have
  • a “qm talent” (kinda useless but hey, you might take it without a healer instead of more dmg or utility)

Unless you create an entire tier for sustain, which is hard to balance without a base lifesteal, since usually there’s just one which is better than the others.
(Even with Tracer’s baseline lifeleech her sustain tier is pretty onesided.)

So it’s a bad idea. She got it baseline, because she needed it.
It’s like asking for Butcher’s trait to become a talent, or Alarak’s Q to be smaller and get the current size via a talent. (Because those things started as talents, but were too crucial/mandatory so they had to make them baseline.)


She either has high burst and just goes in and kills you before you can do anything and does very little for the rest of the fight, or she has life steal so she can actually do things, but her burst is lower so she has to risk herself more.

No, it’s better this way.
The alternative would have been to just give her more health and have recall recover her, but you’d be complaining about that too.

Her self healing is about double Lucio’s passive heal. But his is aoe, and hers requires you to risk yourself by shooting from slightly below average range.
Her self healing is equal to Illidan’s, unless he hits with Sweeping then his is more, and he has more talents to buff his healing damage and Evasion, as well as higher max health and natural regen to make up for being melee.

If you complain about Tracer you pretty much have to complain about Illidan, and then be laughed off the forums.

I’d argue her current one is too, as using Blink is worth far more than the 5% health steal the charge would give you.
Who would play Illidan and choose to gain double healing from your attacks in exchange for not using Q in the fight?
Out of combat I suppose it can be useful, but at that point just take Is That a Health Pack.


Acctually is number #48 but nice fun fact.


When’s the balance patch again? She is too obnoxious paired with Abathur.

I am quite curious why people don’t complain on Abathur instead, because that’s what he does best, its not a singular hero issue of which he’s paired with, he can make anything good.


Probably because baseline Tracer is already enough to make you go afk with a fat spellcaster if she catches you out of position. Abathur only speeds up the inevitable. Her big advantage is how she can keep doing damage while blocking your escape at the same time and with leech this aspect of hers only made her more obnoxious.

Honestly Abathur is not the brightest synergy, same as Zarya for some people say, maybe qm sure but not really.

and abathur in a nutshell perfects anything, I tell you, you will hate facing a jojo or muradin with a hat for sure, such a big threat.


Any melee with Abathur can be just as scary, however they lose a portion of overall damage while trying to block your escape at the same time thanks to their swing timer.

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I’m wondering why Tracer was given lifesteal.

It was because tassadar used to give her lifesteal.

It was a popular opinion that tracer was considered junk unless tass was on the team.

As someone who loves playing tracer and not even used to having a tass, the new tracer feels so tanky to me.

Because she’s expected to deal sustained damage, and her AA was nerfed, and so was her AA range.

Which other hero do we know who has to deal sustained AA at close range? Oh, Illidan.

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So Tass becomes assassin from bruiser, and Tracer turns to bruiser from assassin? complete meta reversal?!

Since Kerrigan’s “rework”, I’d say her too.

Tracer’s change based on what I’m reading sounds like a stupid move.

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Kerrigan, there’s a hero I don’t see anyone playing right now. Seemed like she dropped off after her last rework.


I don’t think we can call Tracer a Bruiser by any means. Her sustain is horrible, she’s bad at laning, has bad wave clear, and cannot beat a bruiser 1v1.

Kerrigan is mostly burst. She was never good at sustained damage. In fact, on the rare occasions you see her used, it’s always in a blowup comp.

Melee heroes always seem to have trouble.

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I was mostly joking with this comment, really. Just reacting to the other poster.

I don’t think Kerrigan is burst after the rework. She is so slow on time to kill,

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