Toxicity in Game

There are a lot of toxic players in the game that intentionally throw the match, cuss you out, and offer nothing encouraging to support the team winning the game. I want to know if a security moderation team is in effect and to what extent?

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Everything is automated with 0 reviews. The system is based on number of reports against the account from different accounts.

Sadly there is no way to really deal with this. Make 5man premades so you dont get these players, other than that you are in trouble and will always have these players.

When playing something competitive, is normal that there will be huge nerves.

Why posting such a thread in this category?

I just had a guy named bigfeed…die 19 times in one game. I mean seriously this guy is a piece of work.

I prefeer toxicity players than potatoes…

When the game is run by bots. What can you expect? They will not fix this.

Cry about it
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One whole week with 4-potatoes with $$$$hit in their brains dying each one more than 10 times, going for a fu$$ing camp when enemy is death and core exposed, and more $$$$$hit like that. I hope I got toxic players instead of potatoe ones!

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Typically they are the same players :stuck_out_tongue: