Tosh, the Rogue Spectre

Ranged assassin, specializing at taking down bruisers and tanks. Thus, can sustain his mana by sacrificing allied heroes’ health and friendly creeps.


  • Sustain
  • Burst
  • Stealth
  • Mobility
  • CC


  • Displacement
  • Siege Damage
  • Area Damage

Basic Abilities:

  • Mind Blast (Q): Damages and stuns groups of enemies for a few seconds.
  • Psi Shield (W): A psionic barrier around Tosh can absorb incoming damage for a short time.
  • Consumption (E): Sacrifices an allied hero’s portion of health or a friendly creep to restore mana. But cannot use this ability when an allied hero’s health is very low.
  • Spectre’s Instinct (Trait): While in stealth, if Tosh doesn’t take damage for a certain time, his basic attack increases his attack range and deals more damage when he is visible.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Psionic Lash (R1): Tosh unleashes his psionic powers to target an enemy hero, dealing heavy damage as it marks.
  • Marked for Death (R2): Tosh marks an enemy hero and taking more damage by his basic attacks and abilities.

Gabriel Tosh was once a Dominion operative, but now a renegade Ghost being hunted down, only to be aided by Raynor’s Raiders by freeing his friends during the New Folsom Raid. Now these renegade Ghosts are now called Spectres, under Tosh’s leadership, they served as specialists.

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Imagine Tosh kills diablo right before fight just for 50 mana…


mmmmm his kit looks very basic, he has an AoE Justice Hammer, a Bone Armor and the E… you sacrifice mana so you can do more Justice Hammer and Bone Armor… also you deny exp for the enemy which is prbly the most powerful aspect of it.
How does sacrificing an ally even work? Do you kill them from 100% health? ;D
And the trait, is it like Nova and Zeratul that he’s just passiviely invisible all the time? And while invisible he has more range and damage?
In team fights he would do an invisible attack, followed by Q + W and run away again to turn back invisible and rinse repeat.
Also his ults, are basically a Triple Tap and a Hunter’s Mark. Adunno man.

I wish he had more synergies. His abilities don’t interact with one another much, maybe his cloak comes at a cost. Maybe he has to sacrifice minions to power his cloak. Maybe his cloak constantly drains mana.
Maybe as an ult he can drain mana from a target so that he can cast his op aoe stun ;D

I just updated! Sacrifices an allied hero’s portion of health to restore 50+ mana, but he cannot use this ability when an allied hero’s health is very low.


o ok, that could be a neat twist using your ally’s health to your own benefits.
I’m surprised Alarak doesn’t do that lol
Tho Trolls could troll pretty hard with it, but not as hard as Anduin lol
It shouldn’t be out of the question.
The denying minions thing is a bit iffy. That might need either extra balancing or maybe you only cast it on allies.

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He little cares about their health, but he wants to win, not WooDoo.

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I think the devs are saving it for a future Ascendant themed hero like Ji’nara where she can really shine by sacrificing her minions and allies.

Although technically Alarak already take advantage of his Allies’s death through Pure Malice talent if you think about it.


Imagine new starcraft event!
This post was made by starcraft fans


Yes,need a SC event with ten thousand heroes from there. :pray:

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And not like Morales and Probius (and Blaze), but like Amon, Narud, Vorazun, Rohana, Talandar…

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Good,from now I take part in this event too.


In October 2020, they will celebrate Starcraft 2’s 10th Anniversary.


crazy… 10 years pass quickly
Would be cool if they did some things for it, or go ahead and announce more SC content ;D

If they just made more campaigns for SC2 and WC3 I’d friggn get them lol

Really? Do you have the source where they explicitly stated this? and by they do you mean the SC2 team or HotS team?

Maybe HOTS, I guess…