Time to buff Cho'Gall

No, not like that.

Like this:

Time for a new Cho’gall skin!


This looks so ugly tho.

Gall’s face is so ugly with fish ears and that stupid beak.

I wouldn’t mind a skin based on his Warlords of Draenor look, though.


That’s probably a better one, sure.

Also, less texture art.

Ripped chogal op

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Gotta admit, the thread title got me.


Tell me your kidding me, right? Right?!

Something is wrong with this image.

You think I should be of two minds on the subject?

get it?

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Lol, no but I do think you need to use all 3 eyes. No offense to you of course but that CG looks like unwiped butt.

No need to ask if they lift. They already asked each other.

That CG is from over a decade ago.

I assume some sort of updating would be done.

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Is the operative word here for sure.

Nothing beats Greed-Cho’Gall so far!