Thoughts on Nazeebo

Yeah I can’t carry bronze. And if you wanna question my rank that’s ok too. Point is it’s too hard to solo carry

Actually it’s not, because I can carry silver or gold players, if they follow my lead, but I can’t carry feeders.

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You replied to me but I have no idea who you’re talking to. Go back to the kids table and speak only when spoken to.


First of all I’m not a kid. Even if I was a kid the thought of kids being seen and not heard is so outdated. You’re just as rude to me as I am to you.

Then don’t pick that talent…


Indeed it’s mind blowing that people think that Nazeebo has only one 20 talent…

You started playing Nazeebo. i’m not talking to you anymore :slight_smile:

Why? As Nyc said he’s a niche hero and has great zoning potencial and I don’t pick vile infection, because it’s boring, I play him kinda like KT with the giant heroic and walls.

Stop acting like one.

No it isn’t. I would explain to you, but you’re not old enough to understand.

If you’re going to be rude to me. Try harder. Elmo flips better stuff than you.


So if you’re more rude to me than I am to you, why are you in the right here? You say I wouldn’t understand stuff you write and whatnot so just don’t respond like you say when you put me in ignore. You’re just as bad as I am in posting

I don’t, but what does that have to do with the problem?

I NEVER pick that talent on 2-lane maps, but it’s the only thing that makes him decent late game, which is exactly why he sucks on 2-lane maps.

Also, this comment shows that you don’t know anything about Nazeebo because his trait is also tied to getting stacks. Less stacks means less siege damage and less health… about 2000 less health late in the game.

He’s a below average hero on 3-lane maps and garbage on 2-lane maps. “Don’t take the level 20 talent” is an uneducated and lazy response that ignores the actual problems with the hero.

I don’t see a problem. Some talents are better on some maps than others. Vile infection is just more damage. Nazeebo still gets the HP of a tank late game along with tons of mana from his trait. It’s not like your stacks don’t do anything if you don’t pick the talent.

You can also pick “Annihilating Spirit” for dps.

No it doesn’t. Your stacks do not raise your dps.

Some heroes do worse on certain maps than other. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Where is the problem when you don’t blindly pick the same talent every game? “I don’t get value from this talent on some maps” is not a problem. It’s a failure to adapt from the players.

I see no reason why Nazeebo should be better on 2 lane maps, or why Vile infetion should ve viabke on two lane maps.


I like the sound that Zeebo makes when i blow him up :grin:

@Tooton - I have you on ignore because you bring nothing to the forums except your terrible attitude about everything. Even when people show you respect, your tone never changes. I made a long post and hid it so that it doesn't take up more space than it needs to.

I’m not. I pointed out how consistently trash your posts are. You have a constant bug up your butt about something, and you feel the need to share. Nobody likes a constant downer. If you need a hug, just say so…

I had to respond mostly to make it clear to you and the rest of the forum that it was just you and not 90% of the players. You thought it cute to make it about the rest of the players, when again, it was only about you.
Thing is, I explained it to you when it was you argued it was "outdated’ and you still didn’t get it.

Pretty confident that people would agree I am not as bad as you. I’m definitely no saint.

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