This is what the power of a Super Saiyan God looks like


but seriously, though. this is the first time i have ever gotten legendary in the mvp screen. thanks to the people who voted fro me.


Nice and gz!
I’ve got it only once with Kerrigan way back. Lost the screen in a format when the old PC died out.


Now this is My jam!


now I wish I had screenshotted the 2-3 times I’ve got it over thousands of games since it launched…

And nice! :smiley:

edit: Something something this looks like it’s a QM games, something something QM ruining the game and unplayable somethign something you’re ruining the game, prince.

edit2: that edit was probably not funny, but it’s funny to me. Probably for all the wrong reasons.


Ok, now this is really epic.


Back when you could vote for yourself it was a lot more common ironically. Now People really don’t even care to vote.


art imitates reality.


Should had left self voting, only to make an announcement that the user voted for themselves, just like the bots in Overwatch when they self vote.


I think its more of a shocker that people exist who vote for the enemy team. Most people end on a defeat and they can’t wait to get out of the game much less respect the enemy.


I prefer Legendary Super Saiyan. :relieved:


it takes a lot of luck I have had even better stats then that on lucio in other games nd I will only get like 1 vote or something, its all about luck


Yeah, not enough people are willing to set aside being dominated and say “wow their heroName is incredible good”.


I’ve only gotten it once since it launched, and only after the recent Ana rework. Finished the game with something like 150k healing done and no deaths. New Ana is pretty bonkers in the right hands, man.


Lucio OP.
You went for Reverse Amp and just killed them all?

Please share your build <3