This Game is Unplayable When

This game is completely unplayable when someone just trolls the entire match and refuses to participate because someone else on the team told them they suck. It’s unbelievably selfish to screw over the rest of the team members because you have a grudge against one person. It’s so unbelievably frustrating.

Gold players are the scum of the earth, I honestly believe it. I’ve played in all ranks up to diamond (multiple accounts) and no one frustrates me more than Gold players.


Blame the person thinking they can insult people in the game. People DO have feelings. If you insult someone, expect them to react in some fashion. To sit there and take it is not a normal reaction. Perhaps the player could’ve ignored the insulting player

Or perhaps the insulting player could’ve kept his mouth shut, and just play the game.

They made a choice, the other reacted, now all of you suffer. Why? cause why let the only player suffer insults when the entire team can suffer with them, as a team.


Gotta agree with Mumrah: the only person who should fire is someone willing to be fired upon.

If you insult people, expect a reaction.


One time I had a person in draft tell our li ming not to go orb build. She couldn’t let it go. She spent the whole draft and game itself whining and attacking the guy for telling her what to do. Of course we lost. Sigh. It happens.

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Personally I’d blame them both.


Also, a valid view point. The player who was insulted could’ve let it slide, but, the OP didn’t encounter this type of person.

Personally, I sit down to have fun with the game and the players. If someone wants to bring negativity and ruin my play session, I feel it only right to include them. I won’t feel bad at all. It’s how one can defend themselves. Heck, if it were viable, I’d flat out leave the match. I won’t leave and take the leaver cause some schmuck pushed my buttons. I’ll just ruin their match too and I’ll have fun doing that instead of having fun with the match.

I dont normally like to complain, but yeah. Infighting is easily the most frustrating things to deal with in the entire game. Or any game really.

Tracer and xul being completely insane, me playing deathwing against a tychus, kharazim, and leoric, playing against a zunjin who competes his quest in 4 minutes.
All of that is nothing compared to someone who just cant keep them selves form loseing all control in chat or actualy intentionally dieing for just 10 more min. (And i dont mean people playing baddly. Im totaly ok with getting “noobs” on my team)

I dont care of leoric has managed to die 6 times by 5 minutes. Deciding to fight blue team is way more likely to lose you the game then that same leoric dieing another 6 times.
If winning was REALLY the only thing you care about then teach play player how to play.

Ok rant over :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is simple. They should put kick option in game like it is in Diablo 3. If 4 players agree he will be kicked out of the game. Even AI is better then a troll


Sense the MMR rework happened, plat has been worse than gold cause a ton of those gold and silver players had there MMR boosted to plat and yet they still are bad at the game and decide to be toxic and blame everyone else.

An option like kick if severe feeding trolling could exist.
If someone gets kicked like this they also get a ticket sent to the people responsible for bans who then decide to follow up do not.
BUT if someone is proved unjustly reported using the feature then the 4 people who voted kick also get to be banned.
I would agree with that.

If someone insulted you - mute them. It’s that simple.
It’s not a reason to ruin the day for 3 other people. You deserve every bit of insult that you got - and more - if you do that.
You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being if you do.

99% of time insults come into play when people already are throwing the game through their actions and they do not respond to pings and warnings.

THEN they get insulted. And for a good reason, and I still think that it’s proper.

If a person can’t learn not to take an enemy camp before objective while 5 people are clearly moving towards him on the map, and ignores warning pings - then let him be insulted.
If carrot doesn’t work - a whip will. It’s that simple.
Yeah they will not change in a minute. But after being repeatedly insulted and bashed in 50 games - they WILL make a connection.

If reporting for intentionally dying is disfunctional - then insults is the only way that you can make people learn.
If Blizzard doesn’t want to punish stupid - other players will.

And I don’t care about people’s “feewings”.

Feelings is a right that needs to be deserved. You aren’t entitled to be a pissy princess just because “it’s a game”.

In some cases - I can’t help but agree.

But also - it will at least serve as a slap in the face to the idiots.
They get kicked 10 times - they will stop acting like clowns and start wanting to improve.

Sadly, Blizzard executives think it’s probably too toxic. Because, ah, yes, bad players have feewings too.

I want so so so much to live in the world where clowns stop being clowns and learn from their mistakes, but I live in the world where clowns already run multiple smurfs against just such an occasion as one account being banned.

You live in the world where Blizzard is constantly praising and rewarding those monkeys by sayign “Good job! You did 60 000 siedge damage!” or “Good Job! You died only once!” and putting them on the MVP screen along with 4 enemies for that, when objectively those players were nonparticipating scum.

So they don’t feel any pressure to improve.

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Have people really forgotten the golden rule?

Honestly people are just too sensitive and immature if they start throwing because they’re told, “you suck”. Just be the bigger person and take it with a grain of salt. Argue back all you want to make a point but for god sake throwing the game is just a dick move for everyone else who’s trying their best and putting the time into the game.

I refuse to learn from my mistakes, because in original HotS, they would not be mistakes, and all this garbage that Blizzard changes, is not my fault. If i die i.e. to the new idiotic towers, that is Blizzard’s fault. If i push a lane for 10 min, and the towers still stand, that’s Blizzard’s fault because they removed ammo. If i play Abathur, and there are like… 3 people that you can’t properly heal like Murky, who just doesn’t need heal, and Darkwing who simply can’t get healed, that’s Blizzard’s fault and i’m afk.

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Everyone, do yourself a favor: outside of a stack with friends, disable team and voice chats. Not only do you not have to deal with your team mates being themselves*, but the temptation is removed to add fuel to the fire (unwittingly or not).

The gains outweigh the loss of communication in my opinion:

  • No chance of being banned for abusive chat
  • Less chance of tilting, in turn
  • More enjoyable gaming experience

The essentials can be communicated by judicious use of map pings anyway.


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I remember one time I was playing with a friend, he was sucking hard as Ana. Like less than 8k heals 10 minutes into the game, he started getting snarky towards my girlfriend who wasn’t doing so good that game so I mentioned that it’s not like he was doing much as a half joke. Then He sat there pouting by a fort for 5 minutes before reluctantly playing again lol.

While insulting people isn’t cool, especially on a game, you have to realize the kinds of people playing video games tend to be a little toxic and weird at times. Even a guy who I like playing with sometimes gets super toxic in brawls, despite being a father and a clan owner.

My point is, everyone gets weird and toxic from time to time.

While hard throwing is clearly a sign of weakness - is that always a bad thing? - there is a more subtle effect: toxicity / flaming takes away a bit of concentration, just enough to miss opportunities and such.

A teammate is a teammate and no one should jeopardize cooperation by upsetting said teammates. Unless it’s a psychopath whose main goal is to cause harm, if the match can’t be won, let’s have some fun otherwise, by creating drama. Those joyful tears!
In real life, people do realize what’s going on: someone turning a match from a 5:5 into a 3:7. The griefer being the cause of it, deserves the loss, and deserves to be excluded from the community. Shall have fun with its own kind.

Punishing people for not playing lost games, or with abusive people, is like punishing a football team for not playing when their legs are broken. They COULD crawl around on the battlefield on their stomachs, but wtf is the point? Irl the game would end and everyone would be glad about it.

It’s so pathetic how this is considered “eSports” but there is literally nothing sports like about this, especially no comradery.

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