Things like this make me think MM is rigged

So i go on a nice 11 game winning streak. (which always results in a losing streak)

Low and behold i am now on a 5 game losing streak with the absolute worst players imaginable doing things like countering murky with Rexxar AND Azmodan while objectives are up…

I kindly tell them that 2 heroes should not be countering .25 heroes. They just say look at Murkys xp, he needs to be countered! We lose every objective because no one comes, its terrible. These losses have been total demoralizing stomps that are over in under 15 minutes.

Sorry had to vent.



Win -> MMR icreases -> higher MMR opponents -> harder games -> more prone to losing -> MMR decreases -> easier opponents -> more wins.

Sounds like the expected outcome. Also in case of QM you might get paired with extra low MMRs to get the average to the right level.


This. Even if we don’t count MMR averaging (which will occassionally give you very low MMR teammates), as you win you will get harder opponents. It’s normal for a win streak to end this way.

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If everyone is at the objective it should be an easy grab, which should also give more value than Murky’s push. If anything, only 1 person is needed to babysit Murky.

You need one person to baby sit Murky if he is beating you on lanes, but avoid chasing a Murky, just defend the lanes. Once 2 or 3 people start getting tunnel visioned by Murky, things can start to go downhill really fast, and Murky laughs.

Sad stuff.


i get it though. there’s nothing quite as demoralizing as winning the objective but then seeing you’re down 1 level and murky destroyed a fort while you were dicking around winning a tribute. but yeah, they should have just sent 1 hero to deal with him.


had ppl use entire ULTS against my murky self


Better opponents is one thing. Worse team mates is another.


Well i can see that’s what happening, as my MMR climbs then the mm fills my team with low MMR players. The enemy probably gets an even MMR somewhere between me and the rest of my team.

Problem is this is a team game you can only carry so much if at all in this game. I end up with top stats, even better than the best enemy in most of these losses but there is nothing i can do. I try to ping and they are ignored i try to reason with them and it falls on deaf ears.

The MM needs to tighten the average MMR acceptance and stop forcing me to try and carry clueless players.

Except the problem seems to be he’s being handicapped with bad teammates instead of facing tougher competition. This is a MM flaw that feels really frustrating.

Another questionable MM mechanic. It would be fine if low level players were evenly placed on each team but the MM uses wins and losses as MMR. Hots just doesn’t gauge player skill well.


Both teams can be MMR averaged and get bad teammates. You will on average get better teammates as you rise in MMR yourself (for example, playing in a 2400 average team instead of 2100, and your worst teammate increases from 1400 to 1600)

As for account level, it isn’t a good metric for matchmaking because of how easily it is grinded in AI mode vs bots. Some of the best people in QM at the moment are level ~20 to 50 people who are obvious smurfs. They just keep spawning like mushrooms after a storm.

True but one team gets the worst player.

Not really. I’ve played from bronze to platinum and you get people with incredible bad game sense regardless of rank. You’ll get some more cooperative teammates for sure but there are still loads of potatoes in there.


Its the me generation. The system is against me. Its a set up. Doesnt happen to anyone else.

How many games in that 11 win streak were because your opponents had the potato teammates? Its fine then in fact you didnt even notice. but when you get potatos then the system is out to get you.


You got me wrong, i believe this crap happens to my enemies as well. I’m sure they were suffering the same poor MM as many of those wins were stomps in my favor. That doesn’t mean the system isn’t tailored to punish the better players.

I believe the MM system is flawed in that it allows too wide of an MMR gap when it averages MMR. Once a good player goes on a streak it weighs the MMR in a way were good players have to try and carry the not so good players. It happens on both sides, it would be asinine to believe that it only happens on my side… it happens to the good players on both sides.

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Qm also got a mentor system that makes high mmr players play with low mmr players to even it out.


Were you in QM?

That is absolutely true too. It is one of the worst matching systems I have encountered (requiring 3000 MMR players to lift 1400’s and so forth, lose a big chunk of MMR if the match is lost, gain only a little if you win).

But I don’t have any constructive ideas on how to improve it with such a small player population. Maybe the current system is genuinely the best they can do.

The game doesn’t have enough high MMR’s to create full 10 player matches out of them in QM.
Mixing them even with fresh accounts might be mandatory to create matches without hours of waiting.


If it had been due to a bad comp i can deal with those losses. I understand its QM and i have to deal with wacky comps. But it seems like after a good win streak you suddenly hit a wall and are paired with people who don’t know how to play the game.

Nah, it’s not really just that. As someone said here, QM has a buddy mentor system for matching since it doesn’t use ranks. Which means with MMR averaging, winning that many games in a row will raise your MMR high enough where a low MMR player will have to be put on your team to average out the MMR.

In ranked, the issue is opposite. You’re matched based on rank and not MMR so essentially, you can be matched against a variety of skilled players due people climbing, people falling to their appropriate rank, etc.

I even tried to be a good mentor and ping things try to direct the team but it doesn’t work. People don’t like taking suggestions from strangers!

I do my best to never insult people in game especially those who are new to the game. I try to give advice and direct traffic the best i can but i am only 1 person in a 5 man team.

The mentor should have some sort of crown or something that shows you are more experienced, maybe then people would listen? LOL idk.

they have removed this link since it gave insight into how they admit that you will be paired with worse players to stress test your skill.

Some Secrets of Blizzard MMR - Heroes of the Storm Forums

Funny stuff. But at least now they can say ‘we don’t do that’ since they have removed the evidence spoken from those involved in making the matchmaker.