The playerbase will recover, give it time


The OP is bronze and hid his profile off hotslogs (you can find it by googling “Hotslogs: Drothvader” and seeing a game from 2015 which has each players’ current [i.e. 2018] mmr and the only other Drothvader is an obvious smurf with 20 games played and no games in recent history). So no surprise there… tons of bronze/silver players to derp around with. If you’re in a higher league then you probably have insanely long waits like I do.


You are wrong. But I lowkey want this game to crash and burn so I will hold on to the reasoning, and just hope Blizzard listens to you.


Everyone in this thread needs to stop defending bad match making with misterious ‘‘your MMR’’. My MMR is higher than the guy, Im plat chat, there should be plently people near my MMR at any given time on EU.
No, im gonna chill for 15 minutes to get dropped into an uneven game and stomp the enemy team with Tassadar, Valeera, Nova, Abby and Naz when we have a full proper team. So much fun. So is sitting in solo Q for QUICK MATCH for over 5 minutes everytime and get bad games anyway.

The one good thing this game had lately was fast games and fast QM Q, where you can pick a hero and get into a game.

That was the point. It was the unique design of getting teams that are similar and see what happens.
you can play draft pick if you want higher levels of learning, and dont feel like adjusting your playstyle to the maps and team comps. They also could have just made draft pick role Q like League has and be done with it.

The long Q times + boring horrible games just make me close the game and not play (waited for 20 minutes last night in Q, closed the game and went to play league. At this point playing a league draft game with role Q takes less time than waiting for hots RNG gods).

QM before the dumb changes was a unique environment and unique game mode. But thats gone now.

The community has at least halfed in the last year or 2 and with the bizzare mass changes to classes to heroes, to maps, making the game more and more a brawl and not an actual unique game.

Idk what they are trying to do, but idk what community is gonna recover from this.

I am not going to sit there waiting for 10 minutes to get into a 15-20 minute game thats gonna be horrible anyway. Id rather just exit the game, and eventually ill stop opening it at all and im sure im not the only one.


As I said in the other thread, this may be true for higher level players but for us lowbies, we are seeing endless queues into premade stomps. No matter what you play.


I’m Gold 1 in HL, that’s hardly Bronze.

I don’t play nor care about Team League, I could bring that up as well if I put in the effort.


The recent changes have for me, been terrible. Q’d up against 3-4 stacks constantly, one team has CC for days and the other simply fits the required comp setup.

QM is not a learning environment at all, its toxic, has no communication, and everyone simply flames each other all game should any team fight go bad.

I dont get hours each day due to work so when i can play, i want to have fun and this game has been slowly declining but the last patch has absolutely killed it for me.


Nobody does.

  1. You cannot believe ANYTHING this corporation tells you.
  2. Its super secret for a reason.
  3. Read #1


You will no doubt get many replies here that player level makes zero difference and that a level 1000+ is equal to skill and knowledge to a level 80 player.

If that level 80 player is a smurf I’ll believe it, if that level 1000 player is Bronze or Sliver, Gold and has never improved I’ll believe it. But in my experience the low level account player will first draft something like Illidan, Nova or The Butcher, often they have no idea what an objective is, never capture camps, never soak, don’t know how to trade, push with an advantage, etc., but they are very good at fighting and dying mid.

Some of these players (not counting smurfs) are quite mechanically skilled, but usually have zero knowledge of the macro game and treat it like a one lane brawler. There are exceptions on both sides, but I’d rather be matched with a more experienced player than someone who is level 80.

Zero reason to defend your rank, rank has nothing to do with your topic. Your topic is regarding QM and not ranked play, I have no idea why it was brought up as some way of invalidating your arguments regarding this topic.


>Hotslog argument


The only people whom think hotslogs is inaccurate are those that don’t understand stats.

And MMR applies to qm as well. Duh? If you’re playing in the bottom bracket of course you’re getting quick games. Hence why higher rated players hate the system and OP says it’s great. He’s getting quick games because he’s playing with the masses of bad players.


Lol that account hasn’t had enough uploaded games to update for this season in any category… Either way, 1500 vs 2000, either way you’re in the bottom bracket of players so of course you’re getting quick games.


Yes, my 50% QM Probius winrate really matches with my 39% Hotslog QM Probius winrate, hotslog accurate 4head


That’s a you problem for not representing yourself well. If your hotslog is inaccurate, then fix it. Upload your replays and correct it. My hotslog is inaccurate as it applies to my older games but since I’ve decided to upload all of my games, my current skill level (or lack of) is somewhat accurate I think.


So is creating arguments bashing the OP based on their hotslog stats, you aren’t representing yourself well either in that case, besides the comment itself adds nothing to the discussion too.


I’m upper middle in MMR for QM.

You said Bronze which was an egregious lie.

Also yes, HOTSLOGS is inaccurate. It thinks I’m Diamond when I’m barely on the cusp of Platinum. It also thinks I’m bronze TL when I’m playing with high Gold players.

Either way, it’s irrelevant. Unless you’re GM status you aren’t going to have long queues.

You’re also only 100 MMR higher than me, Genius. If I’m playing with the bads, so are you.


This is false. I am not a gm and I have long queues.


I’ve had queues as long as 8 minutes so far (480 seconds), and I am not GM either. But I am still happy to wait that amount of time if I can have a balanced match and get to play heroes I don’t normally play.

For example, with the previous matchmaking playing Kel’thuzad in Quickmatch was hell on earth. Half the time it was playing hide and seek inside my base trying to stay away from the enemy Genji + Illidan. Now, I actually get to practice this hero and have enjoyable games.


Anything after 300 seconds no longer follows the comp rules or MMR restrictions. So waiting longer than that makes the games worse, not better.


That’s not my account lol. There are like 15 different Naps on Hotslogs… Im 2850 in QM and have a 2nd account dabbedout at 2600. Neither is particularly good but it’s definitely not 1500 or 2000. The difference between silver/gold and diamond/low masters is night and day. And plenty of people here are noting their insanely long queue times, I doubt they’re all GMs. Anything diamond or higher you’ll get mismatched comps every game as the queue goes to 10+ minutes. (and no… 2000 mmr in qm is not “upper middle”)

1500 is not an egregious lie lmao that’s the only rating we can see because you surprise hid your profile on hotslogs knowing that it was bad. If you go through the process of hiding your profile, we already all know it’s because it’s bad. There is literally no other reason to be ashamed of a statistical record of your gameplay.

HotsLogs has been proven to be within a few % of blizzards MMR on average. You can check by looking at the leaderboards each season and how they match up on hotslogs; 95%+ similarity.


The teamfight/chill games is why this lol/dota player plays HoTS instead (i play all 3 actually).

Sometime its fun to play what basically amount to a 25 minute teamfight.