The many types of Ana players


So far ive only seen two types, the good ones and the hilariously bad ones that basically make the game 4v6. I’ve not seen a middle ground one yet.


You forgot one more type of Ana player:

The Ana who thinks Sleep Dart quest is the only viable talent on level 1 and chastises anyone who picks the other two.


I’m tier 3 :yum:. I’m not horrible but I’m not great just meh


I know this is an older thread, but this recent clip made me wanna just say it.

Getting Nano Boosted be like


I have already see ana player miss me when i wasn’t move, i was like wtf :joy_cat:


Reminds me of when I was playing ana with my friends in squad.



The thing is that not moving is sometimes worse. As an Ana player you learn to anticipate what your team mates are doing and you need to lead their movement paths in order to hit them. If everyone else is moving forward and you stop in your tracks, more than likely Ana is going to miss you because she expected you to be two steps further forward.


You forgot the part where the nano boosted player misses all skillshots.


I always want to go that route, but every enemy Genji takes x strike whenever I am Ana. No exceptions. :anasad:


Or simply runs away.


I sure love when team mates walk in a straight line, I lead their way and suddenly they stop dead in their tracks because they think that makes healing them easier…


Or constantly sidestep erratically even though there is no enemy anywhere to be seen.


I relate to this too much… :’(
Just keep walking in a straight line, especially with no enemies in sight.
Also, stutterstepping might be a good strat, don’t overuse it if it is not necessary!

(Also, I hate healing Lunara, because of her movement mechanic)


I’m happy i brought back this thread.


Yup I have seen allies run out of their way to take a nuke to the face. But dance dub step and a Maive literally flip over my shot.


Not just go out of their way, but use all and every piece of mobility to ensure they get hit by that shiny glowing red thing on the ground no matter how far away they currently are from it.

On further inspection i must assume most of the people i get teamed up wtih are actually cats.


I know this is kinda unrelated to the topic but in my last game I picked Eye of Horus after a decade of going Nano boost (we even had orphea), and I gotta say, it was very useful considering how much of a rare ult to pick…

Still cannot figure out when it’s perfectly fine to not pick nanoboost than EoH a side of “we don’t have mages on our team”.


Pretty much whenever there is a large maps/lots of ganks. EoH can safe lifes from across the map and turn a gank into a waste of time.


Aye of :bird::man::latin_cross:


I prefer Horus on larger maps or with split objectives.
Also love it when allies/enemies don’t really team up during the game so you got clear shots.
All in all, Horus gives greater control over your own game and makes you less reliant on team mates.

And to be fair, killing off a retreating low HP enemy in the Fog is very satisfying indeed.