The Last Dragonborn

This was suggested in the Microsoft thread in General but I have thought about it some and - it could work? Not necessarily using the name “Dovahkiin” but even if it were a Nexus Original inspired by The Way of the Voice it could work.

I was thinking of a reasonably tanky sword and board melee mage who abilities and talents are pretty much all shout related, perhaps even using talents to give shouts a multi-word structure.

I could see the following shouts from Skyrim being portable to HotS:
Aura Whisper - Enemy heroes in a radius are covered in a glow that can be seen even through the fog of war and vision reduction effects.
Become Ethereal - You become unstoppable but while it lasts you cannot attack or use abilities.
Clear Skies - Straight up dispels non-channelled ongoing AoE effects like Blizzard and Starfall. (If that could even be programmed. This ability might be an outlier.)
Elemental Fury - You basic attacks become very fast.
Fire Breath and Frost Breath - The main damage spell, possibly one of which must be picked at level 1.
Marked For Death - AoE armour debuff.
Storm Call - AoE ult, sets a large radius in which you can then recast it to strike enemies with lightning, even if you die. Like a targetted Starfall.
Unrelenting Force - A cone that pushes back the enemy and possibly stuns the enemy. Could possibly be implemented as a 1st level alternative to Fire or Frost Breath. Perhaps it could even be main ability that is upgraded by the level 10 talent, like Tracer’s Pulse Bomb.

Potentially their trait, whether by default or talent, could even involve the ability to “absorb souls”: like enemy heroes, and maybe some objectives and bosses, leave some kind of energy after they die that TLD could channel with D to heal or power up. Or one of their level 20 talents could be a “Blessing of Talos” which causes all of their shouts to have shorter cooldowns.

It might take some finagling to determine what Q/W/E and Rs should be and what should be talented into the numbered slots but it could be fun I think and different enough from other heroes to make a worthwhile addition.

What game (lore) is this from? Every dovakhiin is a stealth archer.

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My added thought to the Aura Whisper, it reveals stealthed/invisible enemy heroes. Make it harder for them to sneak up on you. (Of course their stealth/invisibility that makes them unrevealable will still be a thing but if they can be revealed, than it works.)