~The Funny HOTS stories Thread~

I dunno if threads like these were ever done before but, yeah post up your favorites. I’ll go first…

It was when i first started playing and i was picking Raynor a lot. In one match there was a D.Va player i was chasing. Suddenly, the D.Va just hops out of the Mech and standing completely still (WTF?)

I was like, “You’re dead!” and i went right up to her and starting Auto-attacking. Raynor’s up-close auto-attack changes from his machine gun to, stabbing with the Rifle bayonet.

I was stabbing furiously and even using Raynor’s W talent so i could stab faster. “Die, damn you!”. All the while the D.Va was just standing there doing NOTHING. And i eventually killed her.

My friend on the team was like, "Dude, what’s wrong with you?!

Me: “What, i killed her? Yeah!!!”

My friend: “…The robot…”

Me: “Wait, wut?”

Then i look down at the ground and see the explosion lines expanding.

Me: “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiii”

I go to run but it’s too late, “BOOOOOOOOM!!!” the robot explodes and kills me.

My friend: “It wasn’t worth it…It wasn’t worth it”.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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