The description of Snow is misleading

Snow Flurries

  • Heroes accumulate a small shield over time while out of combat.

However, as long as you don’t take damage, the shield will continue to accumulate. (Basic attack / using ability does not stop getting shield)

This is inconsistent with the existing concept of “out of combat”.
For example: Nova’s Permanent Cloak

Gain Stealth and 15% Movement Speed when out of combat for 3 seconds. Taking damage, attacking, or channeling reveals you.

It’s a little early so there’s still room for improvement. Could be written down better? - sure. For consistency’s sake I’d go with the Deathwing’s Dragonflight tooltip logic, where it would only trigger and start accumulating after not receiving direct dmg + not executing an offensive command or spell for X seconds.

Conceptually I believe it should work like Muradin’s Second Wind, but that might become problematic when it comes to dodge, bonus shield and immunity effects, all of which might let the weather shield go up constantly. I wonder if it also continues increasing on heroes that occupy Blaze’s Bunker for example.

i dont like when lighting anomaly speeds you from traps and you get to live

traps like decard cains triangle or malfurions root

The anomaly can be used for offensive assistance as much as it can be used to help you escape an enemy, evade aoe and dodge skillshots.

It might even help you outrun a Pyroblast cast or even buy enough time before it hits you until your damage reduction cooldown becomes ready.

You either hate how it affects the game completely or you can find it somewhat acceptable. No hero in particular is negatively affected by this.

Mentioning a single situation and simply stating you don’t like it isn’t feedback or a bug report.