The dark archon concept, Adun & Raszagal and builds before its time and why things should be turned back to how they were

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Just wanted to blow some sunshine up my brown eye and tell some creators out there, remember where this concept first came from., Plz make it become a reality and ill play the game like a beast, or give us the overmind, or give us envenom, shrink ray and sprint back as ability choices, also give us back towers ammo count.

Will give credit to this dude for actually making an amazing concept of Raszagal h ttps://

Hero builds that are used that we created back in 2015 and 2016 when pros didnt play these at all.

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h ttps:// Me and my friends were also some of the first to mention the prism swap being available during blade dash.

h ttps:// Before people had to make the glimmer even easier to see though a trained I always saw the stealth heroes before even if they were harder to see.

h ttps:// Everyone said chen was s**, was he though??

h ttps:// When Kerrigan was badas* like BW or Kharazim

h ttps:// When Tyrande was a beast before she became another beast. Look how the talents were more fun back then.

h ttps:// And the majority of all BW build ideas before anyone even used her like she shouldve been played and used god damn emerald wind which is a boring ability.

h ttps:// The first one to use bribe as a utility, when siege camps and mercs where used for rat dotA tactics when game was fun and had tower shots.

Alliance shows why things like split push is a thing this game should have
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