The community knows how to make the game better, listen

These are the changes that should be prioritized:

Blaze’s kit should be reworked so that it’s no longer counter-synergistic. This hero has been a mess since day one.

Medivh should be reworked because his talents are the most boring ever conceived and his kit/playstyle doesnt match his character in crucial points.

Moving misha as Rexxar should not have a global cooldown to allow for bodyblocking and rise skill ceiling.

The grid used to position Hogger’s D should be at least 5 times more dense so that it can land where you want without having to memorize the entire map for every map.

Maiev feels terrible to play without a healer, like it often happens in quick match, so this should be solved somehow.

Most importantly of all:
The mentality of the developers has to be made right again. There are 3 kinds of problems with them as they are today in my view:

The first one is lack of understanding of the character the developer is working on, better exemplified by what happened with Whitemane’s failed rework: only one of her reworked builds agreed with her previous (and original) identity, all the others were either ignorantly nerfed to the ground (despite having 30% winrate) or deleted from the game, this is a massive loss of gameplay experiences which were burnt like the library of Alexandria by what i consider a barbarian. When the countless complains about how Whitemane’s rework was a step back gained weight in the community, they threw a bone at us by pretending to give us back the mage build by giving us a wallmart version of fanatical power baseline, which is actually a sum 0 spell which should only be used in the backline, wherein the original was used aggresively.

The second one is laziness and lack of willingness to solve obvious problems. Hoggers grid, Rexxar’s gcd on moving misha, the m1 bug which has been on for a year or more, items randomly disappearing from your collection and not getting a refund even though you have proof, the balance team being so out of touch that the philosophy of “hero/rework reveals should be strong to catch attention and create a playerbase” actually means that rehgar has had no less than 65% winrate since he was reworked and Zagara was a merciless monster who had to be disabled due to incompetence of the balance team.

The third is: please dont buy the cheap solution to a problem like the guy who is being paid for “making the ai better.” That poor guy is Sisyphus. He can never reach his goal because every update makes him lose progress. Just buy the real solution which is machine learning, should be much cheaper now with Microsoft being the owner.


Medivh was one of the better reworks, so nope. There´s better candidates like Trashrande or Trashmane.

Did not expect to see something i agree here, but ok.

The community knows how to make the game better, listen

I do not think that “the community” can agree on all too much in the first place.



It fits his character. And he only has few talents that need changes.

It’s already easy enough to do bodyblocking with Misha.

I’ve never had such a problem.

Why? She is strong, but situational AND difficult.

So, will you tell us an actually needed change?

Yeah, let’s cry about one bad rework and forgetting about every other that were good.


Nobody says it’s a problem, because it’s not a problem.


If you’re telling me that HotS balance team is out of touch, then you never met a balance team that was indeed out of touch.

So, what can I say?
This post contains nothing useful, nor it contains at least some change that needs to be done. And it’s just another post that confirms my thought - this community does NOT know to make the game better.


This community is a monolithic entity with no difference of opinion.


the community proceeds to have many different and conflicting ideas in the comments


Yo, who’s up for becoming a hive mind?


Everybody is, obviously.


Kool, can I be Hive Mind Entity #3?

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[The community knows how to make the game better]

Yeah, considering the suggestions I’ve seen here. Forcing comps in ARAM, giving structures 5 times the health.

I have my doubts :slight_smile:


The @Op is Polokus/Doomguy. Just so ppl know. Take and use this info as you want.


IMO players don’t know how to make a game better as usually, the suggestions are biased. Example: I can’t counter butcher therefore butcher needs a nerf.

I am not saying community feedback is worthless, it’s one of the most valuable, if not most important aspects in any game.

But where a trending topic continuously is getting beaten to death by the community, this should be a red flag for the company to look at deeply and to fix the issues.


  • MM
  • Loss forgiveness
  • Solo players vs stacks
  • Lack of CC abilities

From year 2 onwards from what I can remember, these topics are just so constant that I believe Blizzard had enough and just put those topics in the ‘too hard basket’ or they put a bandaid fix.

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everything else besides this i agree with.
he is my perfect baby and i will not let anyone touch him gosh darnit!

all memes aside i truly dont seee anything wrong with him atm.

No wonder this user is blocked for me.

I mean according to some on the forum, we already are… :shushing_face:


Actually, I think this is pretty hilarious. If you’re part of a hive mind, you don’t know it… UNTIL… IT’S… TOO… LATE… DUN DUN DUUNNNNNN!


I’m far from being a Medivh main, but his level one’s could do with some attention, I agree his rework was solid.

I have to disagree with you that Tyrande is in any respect trash. I understand you loved her support version, but that version was only popular in QM and sniping enemy heroes with her infinity stacking Sentinel while they were doing camps on the opposite side of the map, was a gimmick that got old fast and wasn’t a healthy mechanic. Her Sentinel is a tool for map vision (scouting) first and is still able to snipe fleeing heroes. Her rework bumped up her popularity in ranked from a dismal 1%, so that alone is an improvement. Harsh Moonlight and Empower add even more utility to Sentinel.

I agree the initial Whitemane rework was poor, but through much adjusting she is quite solid now, at least I enjoy playing her.

Remember though, we forum regulars are all “hive minds”, how is it even possible I’m disagreeing with RCW? Someone assimilate me now!

Oh for the love of…


I will make myself a new empire in Stellaris called the Hots forum Hivemind.
Minky will be my govenor
Melke will be my general
Hoku my Admiral
And Havi the leader of the empire.
And Mumrah you wll get the best position off all. You will be my envoy.


Sweet! I get to be Ar En Jeezus for the swarm! Spreading the word of our Overlord, Hive Queen Brightwing.

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