The Blizzard Forum Tier List

Got board, so I made a tier list of every blizzard forum based on my personal experince. As well as how enjoyable or helpful they are.

I am posting in this forum as I feel it is the most fitting and because it is the highest on the tier list.

The icons are also linked to the forums in question. If you want to visit them you can just click on said icon.





Now I am aware this is very subjective so please feel free to disagree and give your opinions instead. Or use this opportunity to discus this forum.

However I have provided a short list of reasons of why I placed the forums the way I did:

Which can be viewed here:
Forum Reason
HOTS Interesting topics with some fun threads too
WOW Its pretty good, nice place to get tips and to talk about lore
BlizzCon Very helpful when preparing to go to BlizzCon, which can be confusing
Hearthstone Nothing really interesting happens
Blizzard Mostly used to report bugs, nothing wrong with that
StarCraft A lot of conspiracy theories about the treatment of the game
StarCraft 2 Pretty standard forum of people asking for nerfs
D2R Mostly just a lot of confusion
D3 Apparently paragon 100000 is easy to get and your opinion is invalid because of it
OW Too many things to say but there is a reason why even the dev team never go there
W3R Lots of negativity, mostly from players asking for the game to be scrapped

Some Notes:

I hope you enjoy this tier list and as always feel free to give your own. :slightly_smiling_face:


Heres mine
Edit: lol i cant read. There are my actual game rankings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pre reforged wc3

Pretty fun

When in in the mood
Overwarch (but only custom games)

No thanks
WoW (used to love wow)



Oh god why???


Actually whatever happened to that forum? Is it still around?

Not sure
I can’t read so I tiered how I felt about the games them selves :stuck_out_tongue:
This is the only forum I read atm.

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Hello, you forgot wc3 forums.

Thank you, sadly I tried to look for it but unable to find it.


WoW forums above Diablo forums? Dang! :laughing:

I like this thread! I can’t really give a tier list having used only three of these. I was very surprised though that D3 really does deserve to be at the bottom of that list. The in game community of D3 is so amazingly friendly and helpful, but the forum is the direct opposite.

I have to agree with you Whitesnow, the HOTS forum belongs at the top of list. It’s very much earned its spot considering it receives almost no attention from blues, is a game in maintenance mode, lacks a community manager or forum MVP (maybe a good thing!) even D3 has those.


Yea it is really only the D3 forum that tends to be not so friendly. Which I always found odd, the players in game are actually very friendly.

Indeed, truly I actually want to come here which is something I cannot say for most forums.

Nice thread. Rating forum of how good they are.


The collection of people who happened to stumble here and form a community are very… Unique. In a very good way. The atmosphere is almost always welcoming and relaxed, and there are both casuals & very highly ranked people participating in the discussion.

I’ve used dozens of forums in my life and haven’t found one like this yet.

Sure there’s the occassional troll, or a new poster who just comes here to insult the company then disappears, but I just treat them as mischievous gremlins that hide in the corners of the internet everywhere, so that’s not a feature that is characteristic of this place only.

All in all, I rate this forum a full 10/10, the WoW forum a 8-9, the rest I don’t read enough to form an opinion. I did read the D3 forum back when Reaper of Souls was new and I was into the expansion, and I generally met pretty unfriendly people.

There are also fun side-features like the comics created by certain users. I always enjoy those.


There are so many very creative people on these forums and they share their art just out of generosity. The only pity is there used to be a lot more of them who have either quit the game, or quit the forums. There still are some wonderfully talented people here though.


Yes, staggering how many of them seem to have quit during 2021. Real shame as now the forums are much less active as a result.

The extremely slow pace of content could play a role too though, people getting tired of the game.


I’d say this is because there are less people posting. Less buttheads show up.