The Arts-and-Crafts of War: Heroes artists discuss new CraftWars patch

The Arts-and-Crafts of War: Heroes artists discuss new CraftWars patch

Starting today, you can see the clash between StarCraft and Warcraft play out in the newly dropped CraftWars patch with new skins, mounts, and more. To take in the creation tale of this mighty patch, we sat down with the artists.

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This update is definetely one of the biggest and most spoken about this year.
To be fair, it deserves such honour.

I would love to see more crossover patchs.

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I’m not sure what all the hype is about and why this is the best thing ever, no in game event and a few new skins. Reworks that are going to split people as they normally do.

Would of rather had a new map or hero then all that.


From the article:

“And Artanis would sacrifice himself and become the King of Blades, but nice.”

I must have this skin!

Who said that this is the best thing ever?SeriousWolf said about this year only.

So many people thinking about a new map mystifies me to no end. The devs already said in one of the last couple of AMAs that there’s no new map in the foreseeable future: that maybe some day they’ll feel like creating another one, but it isn’t happening by the time being. However, despite we knowing for sure that we won’t get a new map in a long time (if anything, the possibility of Haunted Mines making a return is bigger than that), a lot of people actually expected a new map out of this event. Why?

People either can’t read, or can’t remember anything.

I wish we had a giant pinned list of info, I’m tired of seeing threads asking for rag skins, new maps, and “where is haunted mines?”

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probably because we haven’t had a new map in forever and getting one would be very cool. not everyone looks at reddit AMAs.

I like the SCV skin for gaz tho.

Well, I think it would be a good thing if people read the AMAs. They provide a lot of useful information about what can we expect from the game in the nearly future. I’m specially hyped up for what Kaeo Milker said about how they are working on new ways of increasing the amount of content they create.

Except for the Arthas’ skills mistep, I think the skins of the event are pretty nice overall. Also 5 skins in a single patch is something we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Sooth yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you got way too much “melee minion” love


I thought it was a new map too. Some kind of clash between WoW and Starcraft. I was excited but now I realize its just trash we have to roll thru in loot boxes. Loot boxes really take the fun out of games.

Best thing this year is a tiny thing called favorite builds. That little feature is amazing and lets me play any character and know I got a decent used build.

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Did they nerf Artanis? Geez finally if they did! He is way too un-killable atm.

Living up for the name.

i love the SCV gaz skin. other than that, everything was meh. :expressionless:

How? You can buy and craft the cosmetics directly, so how do lootboxes (which you can get only for free) ruin anything? :thinking:

I realize that the Loot Chests have more collections (likely skins, mounts, banners & others).

I do wish the event had missions though.

Hi Blizz, I love the skins! Especially the Gazlowe and Mei one! Kaiba!

Can we get a Kel Thuzad in human form please???

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i was thinking it’s a new map…XD, btw what happen to “mines” thing map? why is not on qm? (i played once in custom and it looks good)