Thank you for another stomping ridiculous MM

http s: / / imgur . com /a/Svh8DYG

Great job letting Zarya in this MM.

Wont load but blizzard does not care about the quality of players in this game. They support it.

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It’s a quick match so don’t expect anything from the matchmaker except a quick que. If you want better comps play draft.

Though you were also unfavored (comp wise) for another reason - the system gave you Ragnaros as your only bruiser/front line vs a Zarya.

That is a pretty horrible matchup vs 2 burst assassins & Kerrigan (you also have Brightwing vs high burst damage & no tank on your side - no way she can keep people alive with her trait+teleport).

Ragnaros cannot solo tank, he is horrible for that purpose. (Not ideal as Zarya either, but at least it is more viable than having Ragnaros as your solo front liner)
I’m not quite sure why the matchmaking treats him as a bruiser now.

Funny how the only player name blacked out is OP. Also 137 stacks at level 19 just screams QM Nazeebo.


After another look at the picture, I have hard time believing Zarya would get that kind of numbers unless someone was feeding meaningless damage into her shields the whole game. Hmmmm…

Thats a pretty horrid matchup. Thats why you play draft modes. Dont play qm to win play to have fun!