Support Changes

Let’s set aside balance for a second; what would you do to the following heroes to make them more FUN?

  • TLV
  • Zarya
  • Medivh
  • Abathur

Example: Ultimate Monstrosity is pretty fun, but instead of a flat damage increase at 20, I’d like to see some kind of actual ult attached to the thing. Say, an “R” ability that did a big chunk of damage-over-time to a non-hero target.

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Abathur and tlv core concept can’t work without being op. Being global and safe too hard to balance. Same with mobility heroes with damage until they’re underpowered

…and that’s great, all of it…

…but how would you make them more fun.

Tlv needs nerfs. Devs said theyd nerf them. Id like to see longboat buffs accompany but only if they’re love taps.

Abathur is fine imo. W build needs massive reowjr to be good. Monstrosity could use love taps but idk how.

Zarya: i think her build is fine. You either love her kit or you hate it. No need to nerf.

Medivh is just hard. Need to make playerbase smarter.

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