Sup Nerds, AMA AMA

As bad as you might think you are, your nowhere near as bad as a certain 77 that terrorized the forums a while back.


That’s true, I do remember that guy lol.

Now those were entertaining threads to read but it was one of those things you couldn’t participate in or you’d get banned.

I think I’m starting to learn that I’m not the forum villain. I thought I had amassed enough hatred by now and forgot all of the other greats that came before me lol.

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Eh, people like to go way to hard over nothing important on the internet. You do it, I do it, everyone does it.
Kinda sucks how much that can drive us apart at times. We all clearly have pretty similar interests and could just as easily like each other if we were all just a little more careful about what we say.


Despite all of my shenanigans, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into it with you before lol. You’re alright in my book.

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I try to take a back seat to what goes on here now. Being on the front stage kinda sucked in all honesty.

Actually its not just here. I’ve stopped participating in social media in general.

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Probably correct, most villains in my experience conceal it, or never think of themselves cast in that role. I’ve honestly enjoyed reading your posts in the Covid thread. It’s a pleasure to read informed and measured comments about it and all that surrounds Covid.

Once you could find many verified specialists in the medical field on Reddit subs related to Covid, but the majority have now abandoned posting citing fatigue or just sheer annoyance of dealing with people who respond with no background or insight beyond “But didn’t you hear what Joe Rogan said about the vaccine being bad!”

HOH bowed out of these forums long ago, with it went a certain manic energy and (perhaps) an intended satirical slant that has yet to be reproduced by anyone since. I will acknowledge you make some wonderfully crafted satirical observations, but I don’t feel they are made with any true malice or villainy.

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I am glad to be of service :blush:

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll discuss it again unless someone specifically asks me a question pertaining to the medical field. I do understand the “citing fatigue” because my posts in the Covid thread will not be repeated elsewhere since I tire of beating a dead horse. So back to memes and rude one liners haha.

Ultimately, I did want to share my experience with you guys since I haven’t done so. Most of my contributions have been memes or witty one liners so I thought I may provide something of value.

As someone who works in medicine, I do tire immensely from the misinformation being spread. In school we were taught that this would be something we’d have to battle every day and I do my best to be as knowledgeable as I can for my patients to disparage any of that. I also do my best to foster trust between us so that the patient understands that I only chose this field for the specific purpose of healing. There are many avenues to make money but I chose this one because I want to help them.

At the end of the day, some patients will still distrust established medical practices and opt for homeopathic or alternative medicine. I cannot force them to optimize their healthcare but I can try to shepherd them in the right direction.


The 3rd leading cause of death in the US is medical malpractice.

no it’s not.


old numbers, new numbers, medical malpractice kills hundreds of thousands of people each year.

If you’d have looked at sources beyond the first result on google, and found credible sources that weren’t caused by propaganda from a TV show, maybe you’d be able to provide true information.


DW became the new Thanos in Dragonflight x-pack.

  1. you haven’t cited any figure to back that claim and you are not a respected source
  2. if hundreds of thousands of people were dying Each year to medical malpractice, that would make headlines and action would be taken for that degree of medical failure, esp for easy political pandering to promise reforms or the like.

What you’re likely referencing is the entire Category of “accidents” and not making a distinction on the particulars because of course you aren’t.

Otherwise you’re posting something along the lines of cancer or covid deaths, and medical malpractice is nowhere near those.

“oh hey, turns out major medicine is into black market organ harvesting, but nobody is saying anything on it”
“woah man, secret war going on in hospitals where people are “Accidentally dying” and they just so happen to have been activists/protestors/race/religion/whatever”"

you might want to put a bit more into critical thinking before replying with more hallow parroting.


Do you like me?

:sparkling_heart: Yes
:broken_heart: No
:thinking: Maybe


I’m Jar Jar Binks then.

I have almost no effect on the plot. I just make bad jokes few people find funny…And I just keep sticking around. Can’t seem to get rid of me.



He’s back again? How?

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It’s not that he’s back, but in the Legacies series he has a fancy gold gauntlet. Third video if you wanna see it.

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DW shows up with a Thanos like gauntlet in his hand in the legacy video.

So basically they made two charactors with Thanos look a like behavior within a year.

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Ah, cool. I had no idea that those videos were out.

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