Sup Nerds, AMA AMA

As the forum villain, give me something to make fun of.

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Something to make fun of?

I am obligated by internet rulez to say “ur mom”


ty for your contribution but I was looking for something to make fun of.

That’s what I said didn’t I?
You asked for somethign to make fun of and I responded with “ur mom”

My bad.

I realize now that it’s a “hurr durr, make fun of yourself, hurr durr” attempt at wit.

Something like that, you’re welcome

Are you “the” forum villain, like the end boss, or more akin to the prime evils of the Diablo franchise? If you’re the forum villain, how did you win such a coveted title?

I honestly think BattleOooze (aka Mr. Melke) might challenge your crown, he’s trowing a few hand grenades in that covid thread, a thread that should totally be something that exists on this forum btw.

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Do you like Hasu? Do you think he’s the best HotS streamer out there?

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I’m probably that villain who makes survives every franchise like Bowser but probably not the end boss since there are trolls out there more devious than I.

I won the title at the annual villain mud wrestling competition.

That’s fine.

One thing he’ll never be able to throw is a decent novel :wink:

I don’t usually watch HotS streamers but when I do, it’s usually Fan because he’s funny. I’ve never seen Hasu or heard of him.


grabs popcorn

Oh boy.


how about the self proclaimed “forum villain”

No need actually, its already a joke lol

Just like your free time.

Time can’t be a joke, what someone does with it can be. Nice attempt of mockery, the only thing this thread serves as is a roast session for you lol.

Time isn’t but your time is.

Hit not dodged.

That’s fine.

It’s not like I expected compliments with my thread title and body so I’m not going to leave here feeling insecure lol

Seeing as you are the same place I am in your spare time, puts you in the same boat smarty pants lol

Its just sad…

I mean, you assume just because we’re doing the same thing that our time is equal. They are not.

Whatever you spend your time on has less value than some homeless guy huffing paint.


Lol you don’t even know what I do in my spare time. Clearly you’re just upset about something in your unconscious and want to attack others to make yourself feel better. Sorry something bothers you, maybe you should seek help?

Ah, thanks Dr. Phil. What does that say about you when you “know” I want to do this and come to a thread where I do this?

You’re retarded.

See above lol

eh, these posts are too short to truely be villianeous.

Granted, a good foil is defined by it’s counter, so any particular showcase may lack contrast to truely shine on these dreary and tires forums, but sometimes it also needs to be more than a tophat, monocle, cloak and twisted mustache.

Also, feels like it’s lacking musical overtones, so clearly not “exposition as song” for the diabolical reveal-that-is-also corrupting the audience with it’s dulcide tune with the whole “oh no, I like the villian more than the “hero””

Politics is the children’s arena for mudslinging. Internet game forums “deserve” a better class of villiany :face_with_monocle:

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Ayezia is the true Platpatine, I’m just hte Vader, desperate to kick my addiction to the dark forces

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