Suggestions for UI and gameplay

Hi i would like to address in this topic about some suggestion that i think might be good for next heroes of the storm patch update

#1: in singapore server… i think unranked match is usually not used waiting time for this game mode is high i suggest to remove or change this part… or you can remove quick match instead… and use unranked game mode as the regular quick match… i believe that in this unranked only game mode wait time can be less waiting and everybody can adjust to play roles that was missing in the team combination. unlike in quick match there are times that the team combination has 3 tanks or 3 healers which makes the game unbalance and worst making players give up the game doing AFK. and speaking of AFK some players doesnt gate enough punishment when reported with AFK reports. example if you got reported 10 times for being AFK from different players… you will play vs AI or you will play unraked game(because this match is currently has the highest search time)

#2: may i suggest a set profile for picking talents. like i can set talents that can automatically picked when im in game. profile for talents is also adjustable like setting up skins

#3 accidental pick of talent… there are talents that i wrongly pick maybe because it was in the clash or doing something or whatever… there are just talent picks that wasnt really meant… perhaps give us a chance to repick our talent like for 30 sec then it will become permanent on that match

#4 there are certain skills that i am not able to see while viewing the heroes in shop… like abathur spikes and shields… perhaps under symbiote skills (Q) there is a little icon beneath it which is the other skills that you can use when you do symbiote…

#5 you know the random 3d unit you are using? and the nexus charger horse? and the universe like crab?.. perhaps you can create a map like that… an ultimate nexus map mission… that would be awesome

#6 please help us to be more pushed in playing hero league…

#7 perhaps we can put some shops… like after killing minnions you can buy health ward can be press by F or turret can be used by F. the mercenary camp that gives turret and health ward… is awesome

#8 about the gameplay and clashes… we really enjoy clashing and smashing i saw that when early game is like 5 player in mid… i wish to prolong the gameplay because some matches takes about 15 mins sometimes 10 and never made the quest in talent complete or even reach level 20… perhaps you can increase forts hp and defense yet increasing also the exp recieved that can match up the damage input needed for destroying forts in mid game

#9 the objective is kinda too fast to start again… please set longer intervals

#10 i miss that event on christmas where we need to pick up candies or something before the game starts.

thats all of it i think. thank you blizzard and community for hearing my suggestions.

keep up the good work heroes of the storm team i love you