Suggestions for Illidan



  • Basic Attack damage increased from 78 (+4% per level) to 87 (+3% per level).
  • Base Maximum Health increased from 1650 (+4% per level) to 1851 (+3,75% per level).
  • Health Regeneration increased from 3,44 (+4% per level) to 3,85625 (+3,75% per level).
    • Maximum Health at level 20 increased from 3619 to 3865.


  • Betrayer’s Thirst (Trait)

    • Steal Life affects now every Physical Damage, not only Basic Attacks.
    • Heal amount granted by Physical Damage decreased from 30% to 20% of damage dealt.
    • Cooldown reduction per Basic Attack reduced from 1 second to 0.75 seconds.
  • Dive (Q)

    • Cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Damage increased from 66 (+4% per level) to 69 (+3% per level).
    • Range increased by 10%.
    • Added functionality:
      • Dive deals double damage if you hit the same target twice in 8 seconds.
      • Now, a Mark will show the last enemy hit within 8 seconds, in order to help the player (exactly like Rite of Rak’Shir for Alarak).
      • Dive damage has been reduced from 145 to 125 at level 20 (or 250 if you hit twice the same target)
  • Sweeping Strike (W)

    • Cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 6.5 seconds.
    • Damage increased from 119 (+4% per level) to 125 (+3% per level).
    • Damage bonus duration increased from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds.
    • Basic Attack bonus damage reduced from 35% to 20%.
      • Sweeping Strike damage has been reduced from 261 to 225 at level 20.
      • Basic Attacks damage at level 1 is the same with Sweeping Strike bonus as now:
        • 78x1.35 = 105
        • 87x1.2 = 104
  • Evasion (E)

    • Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
    • Now, can also be casted during Dive and Sweeping Strike animation. (As Artanis can use Phase Prism during Blade Dash). Most important change.
    • Now, a circle similar to Sweeping Strike circle will show the duration of Evasion at the right of hero’s portrait.
    • The amount of damage will be shown at the end of Evasion.
  • “10.000 Years of Hatred” Baseline Quest added

    • !Quest: Minion kills grant 0,15 Basic Attack Damage.
    • !Quest: Mercenary kills (except Boss) grant 0,3 Basic Attack Damage (Neutral or Enemy).
    • !Quest: Hero Takedowns and Mercenary Boss grant 0,5 Basic Attack Damage. (Neutral or Enemy Boss).
    • !Reward: After gaining 10 increased Basic Attack Damage, increase Sweeping Strike’s duration by 1 second.
    • !Reward: After gaining 30 increased Basic Attack Damage, grant a second charge of Sweeping Strike, but increase its cooldown from 6.5 to 8 seconds.
    • This quest has no limit.
      • You need 35 Basic Attack bonus at level 20 to deal as much damage with your Basic Attack as now with Sweeping Strike bonus.
        • (78x1.04^20)x1.35 = 231
        • ((87x1.03^20)+35)x1.2 = 230
  • Metamorphosis (R1)

    • Can now be self-cast.
    • Cooldown reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
    • Damage reduced from 46 (+4% per level) to 37 (+4% per level).
    • Now, It deals 37 (+4% per level) damage per Heroes hit up to 185 (+4% per level) instead of 46 (+4% per level) no matter what.
    • Bonus health changed from 200 (+4% per level) to 10% of your current maximum health. (which is a nerf)
    • Added functionality:
      • Increases by 10% your Attack Speed for the duration.
      • After using Metamorphosis, you gain 50 Armor for 1 second. (It’s during a moment where you cannot move or use Spells).

Visual change: As Dekaha regenerates 2 arms when you pick an Heroic Ability, Illidan gains 2 demonic wings and use them as Mount if you pick Metamorphosis, allowing you to use your Mount during Metamorphosis. When you use Metamorphosis, Illidan completely transforms into its Demonic Form and the colour change depending your Skin.

  • The Hunt (R2)
    • Now, has unlimited range.
    • Cooldown decreased from 100 seconds to 90 seconds.
    • Damage reduced from 251 (+4% per level) to 167 (+4% per level).
    • Added functionality:
      • If no other Heroes are within 9 range of the victim, increases the damage by 50% and reduces its cooldown by 20 seconds.


  • Level 1

    • Immolation (W)

      • !Quest: Every time you kill a minion with Sweeping Strike, its damage is increased by 1, up to 30.
      • !Reward: After killing 30 minions, increases the damage of Sweeping Strike by an additional amount equal to 100% of the bonus that give the quest “10.000 Years of Hatred”.
      • Passive: Increase Basic Attack Damage bonus from “10.000 Years of Hatred” by killing minions from 0.15 to 0.2 each.
      • Passive: After dealing damage with Sweeping Strike, burn nearby enemies for 16 (+4% per level) damage for the duration of Sweeping Strike’s Bonus damage.
        • Current Immolation deals 22 damage per second for 4 seconds.
    • Battered Assault (W)

      • Reworked: Battered Assault (Q + W)
        • !Quest: Hit 2 heroes or more with Sweeping Strike 10 times.
        • !Repeatable Reward: Each time you hit 2 Heroes or more, increase Sweeping Strike bonus damage from 20% to 100% for its duration.
        • !Reward: After hitting 10 times at least 2 Heroes with Sweeping Strike, Dive now deals Physical Damage.
        • !Passive: Increase the duration of Sweeping Strike by 1 second and Bonus Damage earned by killing Heroes from 0.5 to 1.0.
      • Now, Illidan’s blades will shine in blue for the duration.
      • The circle showing the duration of Sweeping Strike will shine in blue as long as Battered Assault is activated instead of yellow (and yellow if Battered Assault isn’t activated, as currently).
      • Battered Assault’s damage at level 1 and 20 are the same :
      • Level 1:
        • 78x2.25 = 175
        • 87x2 = 174
      • Level 20:
        • (78x1.04^20)x2.25 = 385
        • ((87x1.03^20)+35)x2 = 384
    • Unending Hatred (Passive)

      • Removed.
    • New Talent: Gathering Strike (Q + W)

      • Using Dive on a Hero automatically activates Sweeping Strike bonus damage and increases it by 5%. Hitting twice the same Hero increase this bonus to 10%, up to 65%.
      • !Quest: Hitting Heroes with Dive grants 0.2 Bonus Damage to the Quest “10.000 Years of Hatred”, and 0.5 if you hit twice the same Hero, up to 5.
      • !Reward: After gaining 5 Bonus Basic Attack, passively increase Sweeping Strike bonus damage from 20% to 35%.
        • Old Battered Assault brought back as a Reward.
  • Level 4

    • Rapid Chase (Q)

      • Reworked: Rapid Chase (Q + W)
        • Dive and Sweeping Strike grant 25% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
        • Passive: Illidan permanently gains 10% increased Movement Speed.
    • Friend or Foe (Q)

      • Bonus range reduced from 20% to 10%.
    • Unbound (W)

      • The quest has been deleted.
      • New features:
        • Sweeping Strike still allows you to go over walls and terrain.
        • If you don’t hit any enemy within the first half of Sweeping Strike, you go 20% deeper.
          • Old talent Fel Reach brought back and improved and allows you to pass through longer walls than currently.
  • Level 7

    • Reflexive Block (Q)

      • Reworked: Reflexive Block (Q + E)
        • Dive grants 50 Physical Armor for 1,25 seconds, this duration is paused during Evasion.
    • Thirsting Blade (Trait)

      • Bonus healing works with every Physical Damage.
      • Physical Damage Healing during Sweeping Strikes decreased from 50% to 35%.
    • Hunter’s Onslaught (Trait)

      • Healing decreased from 25% of Ability Damage dealt to 20%.
  • Level 13

    • Elusive Strike (E)

      • Reduction per hero hit reduced from 3 seconds to 2,5 seconds up to 12 seconds.
      • Added functionality:
        • Increases the duration of Evasion from 2,5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Sixth Sense (E)

      • Reworked:
        • Grants 50 Spell Armor for the duration of Evasion.
          • Old talent Sixth Sense brought back.
    • Nimble Defender (W)

      • Removed.
    • New talent: Shadow Shield (E)

      • Evasion grants a shield equal to 5% of your Maximum current Health.
      • Passive: For each 1 Basic Attack Damage bonus granted by “10.000 Years of Hatred”, increase permanently your base Maximum Health by 0.25%.
        • Old talent brought back and improved.
        • This talent grants 10% more Max HP if you got 40 Basic Attack Bonus.
  • Level 16

    • Marked for Death (Q)

      • The effect of this talent changes according your talent level 1.
      • Immolation:
        • Dive deals 100% bonus Spell Damage to Heroes.
          • Which means 250 damage or 500 if you hit twice at level 20 (currently it’s 539 if you hit twice).
      • Battered Assault:
        • Dive deals 100% bonus Physical Damage to Heroes.
          • Which means 250 damage or 500 if you hit twice at level 20.
      • Gathering Strike:
        • Illidan’s next basic attack on the Dive target deals additional damage equal to the current Sweeping Strike’s Basic Attack Damage Bonus.
          • Old talent Marked for Death brought back and adapted according this rework.
    • Fiery Brand (Passive)

      • Reworked: Fiery Brand (E)
        • Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1% of the Hero’s maximum health and heal Illidan for 1% of its current maximum health.
        • As long as Evasion is activated, increase those bonus to 1.5%.
    • Blades of Azzinoth (W)

      • You can now activate Blades of Azzinoth even if you don’t have 5 stacks.
      • Activate to consume every stacks you got, and increase you Basic Attack Damage by 15% per stack, up to 75% for 8 seconds.
    • New Talent: Azzinoth’s Fire (W)

      • (You can take this talent only if you got Immolation, like Body Check for Garrosh).
      • Increase the damage dealt by the fiery aura by 100% per Heroes hit for the duration of Sweeping Strike.
      • The fiery aura heals you for 50% damage dealt to Heroes only.
  • Level 20

    • Bolt of the Storm

      • Removed.
    • Nexus Blades

      • Removed.
    • Demonic Form (R1)

      • Reworked:
        • Remain in Demonic Form until you die. As long as you remain in Demonic Form, reduce the duration of Stuns, Roots, Slows by 50% and you keep your Health Bonus and 10% Attack Speed bonus.
    • Nowhere to hide (R2)

      • Reworked:
        • The Hunt reduces the Armor of the target by 25 for 4 seconds and grants to Illidan 25 Armor for 4 seconds.
        • Passive: Illidan reveals Heroes below 25% Health on the Battlefield and increase Illidan Sight Radius by 100%.
    • New talent : Relentless Assault (Activable)

      • Activate to grant Unalterable to Illidan for 2 seconds. While Unalterable, Illidan cannot be Blind, Silence, Taunt, Fear or Polymorph.
      • Passive: After using an Ability, the next Basic Attack deals 30% more damage.
        • 30 seconds Cooldown. (Betrayer’s Thrist affects this cooldown).
    • New Talent : Thrill of Battle (Q + Trait)

      • Upon activation, increase the cooldown reduction from Basic Attacks by 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds.
      • Passive: Increase Dive damage equal to 75% of the amount that grants the Quest “10.000 Years of Hatred” to Basic Attacks.
        • 60 seconds Cooldown. (Betrayer’s Thrist affects this cooldown).
        • Old talent brought back, and adapted.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented Dive to make Illidan flip if he casted it with a particular angle on a Wall next to Towers on lanes.
    • There’s a Clip Twitch to illustrate this glitch.
      • https:// clips. twitch. tv/ ExquisiteEntertainingAmazonGivePLZ (remove spaces to access to it)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Illidan to use Basic Attack for a few moment while Metamorphosis was ending.


The sole changes in basic attack and health boost alone would make him uber strong. Forget about the rest, he would be eternally banned to the twisting nether outside of QM and vs AI.
With the baseline buffs and cd reduction on his basic kit you’d be able to solo core at 7 or even lower not accounting for talents.


Im scared of every Illidan buff. Good Illidan is a nightmare, same as Samuro. And these are major buffs.


Those changes are made to balance its sustain, which would not make him OP as you say. And about Basic Attack:

I don’t see where it would make him broken as you say, because 35 is hard to reach if you don’t farm correctly (either heroes or minions).

I’ve not written it, but with this change you HAVE TO hit & run now if you want to perma chase an opponent, it’s not as strong as currently, so… NO He would not be able to solo the core at level 7.

This is buff to only good Illidan Players.


And to the grandmaster illidan players who already terrorize every game mode with live Illidan, what happens to them?


Tbh I’m from EU region and main Illidan since closed beta and I almost never seen an Illidan pick on HL since 4 months and even less a GOOD Illidan player so I don’t know if you got an OTP Illidan on US Server but in any case, i’ve not removed every of its weaknesses.
With my rework, Illidan would still be weak against Blind and AA Speed Slow but less and he would be less mobile. He would be harder to kill thanks to higher base HP but less sustain.


He doesn’t need an overhaul just some tweaks. You can’t buff him up too much because he’s already scary with an abathur on his head.


Please, do not make any major changes and reworking. This is one of the better balanced heroes.


suggestions for illidan: queue with a morales


I didn’t see Vikings pick in HL for like a year.
And Tassadar for… hmm… at least 6 months.
And Chen for… yeah, around 4 months.

So what’s your point? Overbuff him so he will be totally broken?
Without counters, Illidan is a nightmare to play against.
Giving him increased damage and HP at the expense of trait going from 1 sec reduction to 0.75 sec reduction would make him OP.

Does he needs changes?
Yes he does.
But I doubt in the way you made them…


Well, I guess I have to repeat myself…
I’ve given him more Base HP in exchange of self sustain, he would be harder to OS but way easier with DPS like Gul’Dan.

Second, I’ve helped him against its current counters, which are Blinds and Slow Attack Speed, but he would be still very weak against them despite my changes. If you didn’t understand, I’ve exchanged 25% of the power of its Trait for 16% cooldown reduction for Dive and 23% for Sweeping Strike, which is a nerf to Illidan because now you will need to Hit & Run to chase your opponent and you’re less mobile than currently which would make less “a nightmare” to play against than currently.

Lastly, you’re that kind of people that doesn’t read seriously my reworks because I’ve written it, I’ve written every calculation that explain that Illidan would not become OP except if you’re a god during the Early game and stack your new Baseline Quest “10.000 Years of Hatred”. You can become a god on Late Game if you manage to be a god during Early Game, which would not suit to Bronze Player.

Looking Unending Hatred, Rapid Chase, Reflexive Block, Sixth Sense, Fiery Brand, its level 20, its winrate on Hotslogs, all its hard counter (Li Li, Arthas, Xul, Cassia, Brightwing etc…) and its popularity of 6.9%