Suggestion for new category for player reporting

After being subjected to in-game harassment by players through game-play, I suggest a new category be added to reporting players.
The category needs to cover repeated and intentional harassment of team-mates through hero abilities usable on friendly heroes… like Garrosh’s throw, Chromie’s time stop, Nazeebo’s zombie wall, etc. I have been in games where players on my team have repeatedly caused deaths of team mates, or disrupted game play by misuse of such abilities. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no reporting category suited to report such activities.
Blizzard, please create a category to report such behaviour.

This has never happened to me, so i can’t say if this should be implemented or not but i get that if this happens consistently to you, it must feel very bad.

It happened to me personally in a few games, where the offender was the same player… and there was no way to report this behaviour across games. I have however also seen this behaviour in a few games happen to other players. Most offenders have been Garrosh players, as they can have the ability to displace friendly heroes significantly.


I get what you are talking about, it’s a shame that this happened to you. I wish these attitudes were punished by the authorities instead of being ignored as they are, like hots is a third world country. We deserve better.

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This won’t happen. Merely using skills poorly that happen to cause team deaths is not something anyone should report anyone for. If you know the player is using skills to intentionally cause deaths then:

Report for trolling and or non-participation.

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The category doesn’t really matter, it’s the volume. If a player consistently harasses their team, the reports will rack up enough for the system to notice.