Suggestion for imperius


Make his wrath of angiris lock on, not skill shot. 80 seconds and can miss… Apply whatever nerfs needed to the damage or stun but make it lock on. Imagine if stitches can miss with gorge lol. sure he can accidently lock on to a minion but he cant flat out miss and gulp at the air.

Give him a talent or skill that increases movement speed.

Give him an armour passive to one of his talents earlier. He plays more like a clunky assassin atm… to oeasy to blow up…


Here is a list of heroes with missable skill shots with long cooldown… Note this list is avoiding skill shots that are hard to miss due to large area so ones like BFG will not be mentioned.

  • Hanzo dragon arrow. Long cooldown and small projectile size. Especially if fired at long range for optimum damage/stun.
  • Sylvanas Mind Control. Recently changed from targeted to skill shot.
  • Mephisto’s rooting ultimate.
  • Greymane’s Cursed Bullet.
  • Kaharizm Divine Palm. Technically not a skill shot but still easy to miss before 20 for its insanely long cooldown.
  • Tracer Pulse Bomb.


Yeah unmissable unpeelable uncleansable after grab displacement into death sentence,not even old garrosh or old warbringer into taunt were as ridiculous as this.


I see Wrath of the Angiris more akin to Cassia’s Valkyrie heroic since the purpose is exactly the same and that also is a skillshot.


Even if you nerf the dmg and the stun, it’s still a ranged displacement, quicker than Hero speed. Gorge is melee, you can’t miss it same with Wrath of the Angiris.
But on ranged, it’s like Stitch Hook with Gorge. Stitch can miss his Hook.


Yeah… no. For a bruiser (even compared to some tanks) he is insanely tanky. With the option of even more healing & armor if you want… If you’re getting blow up, you are in the wrong place, or afk.

Angiris is fine. You are far more mobile than Stitches, so land the skillshot or suck it up. It is extremely powerful if your team follows up. (Or maybe i just suck with stitches)

My 2c after 60~ games with him.


He is a ridiculously easy to kill warrior. One stun or silence and he is fried.


Isolation on Dehaka is also a skillshot, so I think Wrath is fine as it is. If you are having problems landing it, use the slow from your W to help set it up.


He is vulnerable to kiting and there are some bruisers with better selfsustain, but he’s not easy to kill but can kill you easily.


Oh, and I almost forgot, he does have a move speed talent for hitting people with his Q at 16. I never take that talent, as I prefer the E talents, but it is there.


hmm…no lock…im sorry dude…current is better… do you know why?! :slight_smile:
Because he can grab this f*cking outranges Sgt. Hammer and this tiny thing Chromie,and Lt.Morrales( she often posicioning farback behind team and Li Ming wich also stay often in his range) and i did suggest in other Imperuis topics…different talents like these :slight_smile:

On 7 lvl talent insted remove CC slow,dtun effects he to use his wing to jump or fly i really short distance with long cd timer.
And on 20 lvl Wrath of Agnitis talent to be replaced this - 5 sec cd from 80 sec with
Long fly through whole map BUT ONLY TO BASE ,without heroes with 300 sec cd time. With this new talent after 20 lvl,he would have only 1 a chance to sirvive and protect rest a life heroes. In sutuciones when enemy lead win team dominate and lose team to have a chance to comeback. :slight_smile:


I never had that once in over 60 games…
Show some proof or stop lying.

And I don’t mean a 5 man gank that would kill any hero…


I just did it again playing Ana. He was a non-factor even having a Diablo on his team. Now maybe Ana is not a fair hero with which to represent but sleep/blind or grenade followed with Imperius going buh-bye. He was a complete non-factor in the game.

I know has his moments but he is simply not that “great”.


Show the replay…

Edit: Don’t bother i just saw your post history…
I guess you tried him and got owned…


Indeed Chalance…Immortalperius is good for now…and yes i want proof too. I had a game where was in QM (one from my last games) i died ONLY 2 times and was so long and challenge game ,where we reach almost 30 lvl!! I m played so rare times to 29 lvl. Was awesome won game. That is proof why his current versione is so good@ :slight_smile:


why ?

or is it simply you that arent aiming properly ?
in that case, improve .