Stuck in game, i only get the rejoin option

i played a Ranked game. None of the characters loaded. After about 30 min i got a Victory Screen. 2/3 hour later and i am still stuck on Victory Screen. Every time you quit and come back you only get the rejoin option. i am not able to play the game anymore

Close HotS. Start HotS. When prompted to rejoin instead use Task Manager to force quit HotS. Alt+F4 may also work (not sure). Start HotS. Should be able to select game mode again (no rejoin prompt).

Only use this if you are stuck in a rejoin loop.

i tried it through task manager without succes, i tried to force quit hots through alt +f4 as well and it didn’t work either. i am still stuck in the rejoin loop

Same problem. When the match started, all the players were unable to connect. Then, after trying to connect again, it was written “defeat” and nothing happened. Next, suggests reconnecting, then “exit” and then again “rejoin” and so on for an hour

Just happen to me the same and and now i am stuck hellp pls