Strategy with Valeera

Hi all, With Valeera, I gank lanes. I start with the 3 vs. 3 lane, silence or stun someone and get out. Then I approach one of the other lanes, stand still for 3 seconds and help my laning teammate by stunning/silencing, then I immediately get out of that lane also. I don’t mean to kill or ks. This way I hope to give advantage to my team and have map presence.

I’ve been doing that against AI for now. But if I do that against people, is it ethical? And would my team like that? Are there challenges for that? Finally, is it a good idea?

I’m not playing competitive yet. I’m just learning and playing against AI for now.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Thats what a good valeera does :smiley: you playing the hero like a boss! im lvl 60 valeera, so i have “some” exp around roaming in hots…

you should look at the the enermy camps alot! and try to gank em while they are fighting the camp…

oh yea! NEVER miss with Q… miss whit Q and you K.I.A

Cheap Shot on AA heroes, Garrote on Heroes who revolve on ability damage, assassinate on heroes that are near death or if you have a definitive advantage (eg. 3v1)

Roam early and often. Catch anyone overextending and watch for people to disappear to do camps (then oppose them).

Be conscious of the shift in gameplay from laning to team fights and adjust accordingly (this is where most Valeera players fail). When in team fights understand that it is your role to follow up on initiations or peel if initiated on. under no circumstances should you be the initiator. This is the Valeera equivalent to a butch 1v5 dive. Even if you survive the cooldowns you use will leave you incapacitated for the remainder of the team fight.

There are many viable Valeera builds, all of which are discussed in depth on sites that specialize in that sort of thing.

I hope this helps and I am glad to see a budding Valeera enthusiast!

Also know Valeera carries a morale debuff in ranked. If you decide to main her understand that a healthy portion of your teammates will mentally collapse before the game starts.

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