Storm league solo que needs fixed

Being I have stopped taking this game seriously when it comes to Storm league due to the lack of changed needed for this game. I decided to run a bit of an experiment. Normally I would never solo que in this game and this season I have done nothing but that. The last I wanna say 4 seasons in this game I have finished Mid to upper diamond in ranked as a support main.

This season I started Diamond 4 after losing all 3 of my placement games. I have solo qued for 70+ some games and have lost 48 of them. The stories I could go on about with players refusing to soak lanes, engaging 1v3 or more, fighting lvl 8 vs lvl10. Never doing camps, arguing in chat. I am sure the list goes on.

Out of these 70 games cause I open whispers after each game to double check to see if the enemy team were premades or not. 39 of these games were against premades of some sort.

Solo que in this game is just unplayable at any rank. Yes we all know GMs can climb so for some reason that makes it so everyone can climb cause the top 1% of the game is able to do it…

Point being is solo que needs to revert back to the way it was before. No more premades of any sort in Storm league. It needs to go back to hero league and team league. Yes there is a smaller player base, yes the que times are gonna go up. I would much rather wait 20 mintues for a decent match than 4 minutes for a game you have no chance of winning.

To any of the players hardstuck in any rank from bronze to diamond. The only way to climb in this game is premade. Get a solid 3+man group in this game, make sure you have a strong carry and focus on keeping them alive and its doable. If you continue to solo que in this game nothing is gonna happen. Best of luck to everyone out there. I sadly am tossing in the flag on this game until its fixed.

To anyone who wishes to see this games and see the nonsense I had talked about. Add me at Hunterbees#1622 and i will log in sometime and let you watch as many of these troll games as you wish.

Update 2/5/21. So I have went back to what I said I was gonna do. I refused to solo que in this game and while I have not gotten to play as many games as before due to waiting for team mates to be online and such. I have gotten roughly 45-50ish more games in and I have won around 35+ of them more. It was clear to me in many games the enemy team had a potato doing such things as refusing to soak. Split pushing lanes at the wrong time with the wrong hero or just missing from the map so I had to assume they were afk.

This game is just unplayable right now like this. The number of people who do not understand basic game play at the rank they are is just mind blowing. Mix that with player just out right trolling or afking games for no reason.


This $hit is cancer bro…Nothing will fix it. You literally can’t fix it… 3 games today. 1 feeds then disconnects so we have a bot AlarK. Next game afk after mid fight, end up with a bot. Third game 2 party team and one picks murky on beaxis against double heals lolz…

It could be fixed but blizzard refuses to admit they have failed and keep making changes instead of reverting back to what works. All they have to do is go back to HL and TL, add an avoid player function or stop placing the same player in your team 5+ games in a row.

Oh and they need to reset everyones MMR and deal with this smurfing and boosting problem by adding a much higher account level requirement while only allowing you to play heroes you own or are lvl 5 and higher if on free rotation.

we have a better chance of them shutting it down than fixing it. I am ok with the bad match making as long as they add some QoL changes. The game can be fun. they need to make each game less important and placement matches way more important and at least 10 matches. They also need to make it solo q again and team play separate or only in unranked. but i would like to see our MMR ranking everwhere in the game.

The game can be fun again. but if they are going to make the game so causal they need to make ranked more causal and easier to climb when your skill is there. There is no reward for high skill play when your not in the right MMR. ( i am a gold skill lvl stuck in bronze for example.)

nah i get it. I am upper diamond and I have fallen to low plat cause of the experiment i mentioned before.

I had a 3man premade last night and played i think it was 7 games, won 6 of them and i could see the enemy team had all teh trolls and afks.

the community is way to small and new to allow grp play, i think they are grasping at straws to get people to play this game

even when i am an B1 i still have to play B5 people. There is no way to climb and grps are messing with MMR so much that i wouldnt be mad if they made it if you grp you get no rank points. which is what i think they should do only allowed to grp in unranked would fix most of the ranked issues that people complain about

They still gotta make a change to attempt to get people to come back. The current system is doing nothing but chasing everyone away. I dont even wanna play anymore

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i get a fight in chat, a troll draft pick or an afk every game. It is getting harder and harder to play this game with out it wrecking the time i have to play the game. I think the game is to far gone for a fix. the fact that ranked has been bad since it came out years ago and gets worse every year, tells me they dont want to fix it. they seem to chase the money trail and the fools that give it up easy.

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Do not solo que ever. You must have at least a 3man premade with one of the 3 players being a tank or a healer. You do that and you will be ok.

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i am to low for any of my friends to play with me, and most only QM now anyway.

They’ve abandoned the game. When the esports scene didn’t pan out the way they thought it would and the officially dropped support for it a lot of the skilled players moved on. The fact that the game, as good as it is, is just in maintenance mode as far as Blizzard actively developing it isn’t increasing engagement, which in turns just reinforces their refusal to spend more money on a game nobody plays.

I love HotS for what it does, a more team oriented moba, no items, no last hitting or gold denying, no single player carries solo’ing an entire team, and the focus on objective gameplay. But, they haven’t done anything to keep the game fresh or relevant in years.


As a solo que player… this has been my experience the last 4 seasons… the weird part is I created a smurf to see if it was a “me” thing… currently… my smurf is Plat 2 while my main account is at Gold 2… I’m still trying to figure out how the matchmaking in ranked works - its like because of the recent trend of losing games it keeps placing me with other players that lose a lot…

there is defiently something that monitors how much you win so your win rate does not sit above 50% for long. Ill go on huge win streaks like 10 games and then get 5 or five games in a roll with a team of people with less than 50% winrate. idk what is going on, but it is for sure that the system the way it is setup prevents climbing once you have a rank. Been like that since start. could also be why if you win more than 50% of your placement matches you still start off lower than what you ended last season. if they are going to incorporate something to this effect they need to reset MMR everyseason.

The game has 0 logic to it. The fact that someone can fall from near masters down to mid plat is just mindblowing. Trolling in this game is out of hand and that is why the game will die.

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I am not claiming to be good or any of the sort. Because thats the typical response from all the people who usually have nothing constructive to say. This season overall, I feel, has been the worst season in the game. Maybe because of the reason you stated that everyone plays premades. This season I just cant seem to win, or win 1 and lose 4-5 afterwards. It seems like all the players now refuse to, like you said, draft accordingly (tanking, healing), refuse to lane, refuse to camp, and obviously the lower rank you hit the lower the ability of these people to do these kinds of things. People refuse to try to understand how to play a map, how to do macro. It was been, for me, the WORST season out.

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I mean its crazy what it has become. For me I have ranked mid to upper diamond I think 4 seasons in a row and started this season in diamond 3. But to have fallen from diamond 3 to plat 4 just from solo que and then I have went back to my team and climbed back to diamond 5 purely because we know We will not get potato team mates is just crazy.

Like you said players do not even want to camp or soak which is probably the most important thing you can do. Mix that with dps that can not even build right or focus the right targets. I had a kael the otherday who went flame strike quest, picked pyro against a auriel who picked the iceblock ult. Even more so he would pyro the tank who was at 80% or more health and he was plat 3.

Like if you were bronze or silver sure I get it. But plat you should understand basic builds and focusing. You dont always get to pick the build you want. You build around what you need and what will help you in the match.

I am a healer main and usually play lucio, bw or alex based on match up, bans and so on. But solo que healing and tanking is just a joke. So many dps make the worst choice possible then blame the tanks and heals for not saving them. Dude you can not engage 1v4 and think someone is gonna save you.

Your mistake is relying heavy on your teammates you subconsciously do that because you reached Diamond. You got this bubble in your head and expectations of people possessing certain skills and traits relative to their rank but it doesnt work like that, not at least before you reach mid Master to be fair. My advice to you is always play heroes you really mastered that could soak , do camps and have strong lategame. Hardest part is getting to lategame after that you can carry most of ur games by sheer micro and position. I climb every season from S5 to Master and i do it solo q. Watch your replays analyse only your position / calls and get better never focus on someting you cannot have control of i.e your teammates. Just be better than them and have good draft for yourself.

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Very good post. Don’t expect people to “perform like their rank” until you get very, very high up the MMR ladder.

Expect complete chaos every match until that and play heroes with maximal macro capability and good hero damage. Imo, Fenix is one of the ideal heroes for that climb (though not easy to master).

Great wave clear. Great camp potential. Great self-regenerating shield. Second life bar at 20. Good teamfight ults. Good dueling potential. Instant teleport resets on takedowns.

You will not climb as a healer solo que. the dps will not follow any calls or instructions you give them and they most of they time will be doing dumb stuff like diving 1v4. This game is flooded with boosted players and trolls who enjoy going out of there way to afk or feed.

Secondly I highly doubt that you make a new account every season and get to level 50 in qm before playing ranked, even more so when you have made 3 post on the forums.

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