Storm League - Bronze

I have watched my friend play in bronze and I have noticed that the games there are much harder than in Gold 3-2 which I am. I even tried some games and it is unbelievable how good your opponents are. What is wrong with this Matchmaking, is this a joke?.

Blizzard, what are you doing? Do you think this will attract new players?


That is highly unlikely unless your friend ran into a ton of streamers or rank challenge smurfs by pure bad luck.

While the skill differences between gold and bronze aren’t massive, there is no way the average Bronze 2 game will be harder than Gold 2.

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Streamers have nothing else to do so they ceeate smurfs. Its the fad to rank a bronze to geand master now. Call it a series and bam profit

There is no more oeginality left

I will say that gold is where people get cocky and try to teach eachother how to play. So alot less coordination when that happens, but gold players are by definition better than bronze. No reason for it to be any different.

It’s impossible for everyone to be up against opponents they can’t beat.

Well, if that is the bronze experience, I can’t imagine any new player who will like to play this game. Its way to hard for beginners.

Cause many players make smurf account and lose literally all there quick match or unranked games to lower there MMR as much as possible to go into ranked and just destroy bad players.

Good opponents is a good thing. Means your at a good elo

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Well, so no more new players. Great work guys…


One of those new player stompers i guess

There’s no shame in being bronze. I wish less smurfs existed/unranked draft had more players so semi-serious players could go there to play well with less stress from potential to lose.


What? Because I said you face good opponents?

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I have been stuck in br like 4 ever, if there is a hell a B5/B4 would be the closest circle to the hellfire. I am ok player, can do any role to a decent level. Playing only a handful games a week, I can see extreme difference between Bronze and Silver. Bronze is like playing with and against the walking dead, you never know what the outcome will be. Silver is much more reliable, not perfect but you can get somewhere. If I wan to have almost guaranteed win I play Ragnaros with close to 70% WR - that hero can carry, soak and stomp.

There is no shame in being bronze if you accept where you are and that you need to improve foremost.

People thinking they are hidden GMs or begging bli$$ to give them wins because they played since alpha should feel shame.

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Im actually making a smurf becuase of this thread. I wanna check bronze.

There is a lot wrong with matchmaking but what you’re saying is blatantly wrong. It’s impossible bronze has the harder games than gold because in order to be in gold you need a higher winrate than in bronze so you must win more. The people that win more in bronze leave. It’s impossible that good players remain in bronze without purposely doing that by throwing.

I can tell you I would have a 99% winrate in bronze on any hero with enough wave clear and kill potential so I doubt your statements can be anything but made up.

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Playing with silvers and bronze can be taxing.
Like you having people getting meltdowns and feeding into towers or being afk altar if they die in the first 30 seconds while sitting on the ennemy towers range like the beginner AI.

To this day the most leavers i got were in that rank range.
You may be able to win 4v5 or 3v5 bronzes if you are severa ml ranks better and with a hero who has carry/macro potential but you are doomed if you are not.

That being said mopping about your bronze rank because mates is fruitless , getting better at macro and micro will net more in the long run.

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Real bronze players are of course much weaker then gold players and of course you can can defeat them easily if you at least gold.

But it seems there are many people who want to stomp real bronze players for fun.

Just try for yourself

This is so wrong it isn’t even worth laughing. I have played with people from bronze to gold.
There are definitely people that belong where they are. There are also those that don’t. In bronze, the skill spread is huge compared to any other rank. It is astoundingly bad. There is no predictive measure of what you will get from one game to the next. It is worse than a crap shoot. I have rattled off more than 20 wins in a row at times with reasonable players, then to just have the next 40-50 full of potatoes.

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but a lot of it has to do with parties in the game in ranked right now. Lots of high gold players party with bronze smurfs and just destroy games.