Stop matching duos against 5 stacks

Don’t care what the win % metrics say, it’s a very stupid and unfun game when a duo is matched against a 5 stack. Thanks for reading my post


The game is dead dude, Blizz just doesnt care about MM, that´s a problem coming from years ago.

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The generic replies are:

  • Get more friends and make your own 5 stacks.
  • If 5 stacks were only matched against other 5 stacks, they would either only ever play each other, or they might never get a match.
  • There is a bonus for the team that is not in a 5 stack.

They match 5 stacks against 2 stacks and randoms. The bonus may be for the team that is not the 5 stack but i promise you 8 out of 10 times the 5 stack is gonna win so that bonus means nothing.


What bonus? I’ve actually lost more points before for losing against a 5 stack because they were stacked with kids as low as they could so WE actually had higher MMR even though the enemy team had 2 players a complete tier above anyone on my random team. They need to bring back HL and they need to reset mmr to weed out all the kids that got boosted by this exploit.

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