Stitches (unknown ability)


During a death recap on the PTR, I noticed that stitches self healing is showing a “unknown ability” tooltip. I can’t specifically state which one of his healing abilities it is, but it was a self heal and i’m assuming it’s the auto attack talent.


Hi there Jeremo!

We have some tracking in for this issue, I’m going to guess that this was “Vile Cleaver” with the talent to grant it a heal.


After some thorough testing by our Design team, we have narrowed this down to heals from “Patchwork Creation”.

Thanks especially for the new report!



Thank you for the prompt follow-up!



I too have spotted an unknown ability but this time on cassia instead of stitches

cassia nailed her whole combo on me doing 100% of the damage and in the middle of her combo was an unknown ability doing 86 dmg to me, couldnt tell you how it worked, BUT i was not on the ptr, I was in a ranked Team League game, thanks