Stitch (List of bugs)

Patchwork Creation (1 lev) - 6 stacks for peak

In this talent, Stitch initially has a value of 3, after activating the talent (D), an innovation is triggered, when relevant information about the current bonus is displayed in the description, and a value of 6 appears (instead of 3). As a result, the number of stacks per stitch reaches more than 24 (6 per contact with the unit).

Also, the task from this talent is not added to D or to the statistics on the bottom left (where the hero’s avatar is), that is, it cannot be seen anywhere.

Hungry for More

Get only 10% movespeed.


  • No longer deals additional damage to Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters.

I find it difficult to understand whether the problem is in the description in Russian or a flaw. No information that if a unit is already affected by the effect of pernicious gas, and if Stitch hits this target, then the effect will not disappear (3s).

  1. As per the bug report guidelines, each bug should be reported in a separate thread, rather than a list of bugs.

  2. I don’t understand what bug you are trying to report in your first paragraph.

Armor has long been displayed next to the hero’s health bar over their head. It is the shield symbol with the circle around it.

  1. Hungry for More – did you try it out in a real game? If you only do it in try mode with the Complete Quests button, it doesn’t function properly, as devs have acknowledged that Try Mode does not always work as things would in a real game.

  2. Slam – I believe that description refers to the fact that the slam itself used to do extra damage to minions and that is no longer the case. It does not have anything to do with the gas.

Are you a dev? I’m confused as to why you’re posting guidelines to other players who are taking their time to help out writing a post. If someone cannot read 3 minor proposed bugs in 1 post on the same hero, I’m not sure they should be in that job - the guidelines were clearly written for posts with many bugs on multiple heroes, and there’s no reason for you to raise that here.

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