Still no valeera changes

why? because she’d be too OP in quick-match they said.
that’s their reasoning for not changing anything about her for 2 years.

make crippling poison/wound poison baseline, and increase the CD on both of them and reduce the effectiveness on wound poison to 25% if it’s baseline. She literally cannot function without crippling poison. And picking wound poison at 4 feels very punishing for your own damage. You basically can’t kill anyone without getting help from your team if you pick this talent, so you’re no longer an assassin, you’re a support class that helps cc.

Make thistle tea a quest that restores 50 energy or something, 60s cd; sort of like how stitches unlocks fishing hook at 13. It literally has no use being a lvl 16 talent, there’s 0 comparison between thistle tea and her other 16 talents, in power scaling. Thistle tea is garbage. So either buff it, or remove/rework it so that it’s better. Maybe make it reset all of her cooldowns, like preparation in WoW. I’m seriously disappointed with the lack of vision you guys have with the rogue class fantasy in this game. If you pick her in ranked, your teammates call you a troll.

The only instance that she’s good is if you get favorably matched up against an all assassin/mage team in QM. It’s extremely easy to counter her. Want to know an extremely easy way to counter her? Group up as 5 and congratulations, she is now completely useless. Ex: blackhearts bay fighting over the turn in. She’s useless without stealth unless she picks Sinister strike build, but then it’s very punishing because your mobility is cut in half now so once you go in, don’t expect to be able to get away.
rework her 20 talents so they aren’t so underwhelming compared to the movement speed.
If you’re not taking the movement speed, you should be getting something comparable on the same level. Make cloak of shadows last longer and it should give some sort of CDR on your abilities while it’s active.
I’m guessing you devs don’t really understand HOW powerful the movespeed talent is because you don’t play her, and you don’t play your own game. It’s extremely powerful - it’s literally the way you win games because you’re faster than a mount and can catch anyone out now who’s out of position and no longer need to rely on a mount.
With that in mind, BUFF HER OTHER 20 TALENTS. Or give her a new 20 talent. 9/10 everyone is picking the movement speed.
Smoke bomb is usually the go-to ulti choice. Cloak is better for the more skilled players. Please make cloak prevent the re-application of DoTs for the duration it’s on you. It’s frustrating popping it and then you get hit by lunara while it’s active and guess what you’re poisoned and cannot stealth for 20 seconds.
Also, add a dot duration bar, so that you know when you can stealth again. This game has so many DoTs now you have no freaking clue when one is ending, and then you stealth while a dot has 1 second left and guess what, you’re useless for 11 seconds because you have to wait for your stealth CD AND teleport.
Vanish should just automatically remove DoTs. OR make that a talent. It’s literally her core. There’s way too much crap now in this game that has DoTs, reveals, ridiculously sized AoEs, and without vanish, & her second set of abilities, she’s half a hero.
That, or make vanish a lower CD.

There’s literally so many wonderful things you could with the rogue class fantasy and yet you’ve let her sit and rot with 2 cookie cutter builds (Garrote AA, or sinister strike, pr much every other talent outside of those two builds are useless). Sure, nova gets tweaked/reworked, but not Valeera? Seriously? Idk why I’m even trying at this point this game is dead as hell and you guys are making half-hearted attempts to appease whatever community is left at this point. This is just a longshot from a Valeera main who’s played/mained her from the very beginning of her release. The game has evolved to the point where she’s no longer viable. You’re better off picking zeratul in every situation because he does what she’s supposed to do, AND can teamfight. Meanwhile, she cannot teamfight because she has to wait 3 seconds in stealth before she can teleport (oh and taking any dmg during that time takes you out of stealth and then you’re absolutely useless).
you guys are just too scared to try and rework her because people will moan and whine about her being too OP in quick match, when in reality, everyone does this for every hero because they don’t know how to play against them.
When you know how to play against Valeera, she’s completely useless.
When you know how to play against Zeratul, it helps, but he can still kill you and make flashy plays that will leave you wondering … wtf?

Sincerely, a disappointed Valeera fan