Stats for this and last season not working?

When I try to view statistics for this season every ting just says 0, there is nothing there and the statistics for last season are missing 99% of the the games. The missing games are also reflected in the overall stats.

This is ingame ofc. :stuck_out_tongue:

You did select every Game Type on the right next to the season filter, right?

This is a very, very common “report”…
But somewhat understandable, as the filters may reset between updates.

Well that did something, but stats are still missing. Example, it says I only have 1 game on DW but I know I’ve played him many times in Brawl…

Brawl stats don’t exist anymore. The screenshot above is from an old client version.

There are only Aram stats now, which is a completely new category where everyone starts from 0.

that wont account for 99% of his games unless that’s all he plays. There’s still a bug there.

Shapeshifter, you should read ppl’s posts more carefully before responding. I’ve noticed multiple replies you’ve given that don’t address the issue.

He specifically said he has 1 game on Deathwing, even though he has played him multiple times in Brawl. He did not specify he has played him in other modes.

There is no bug in that case since Brawl stats no longer exist.

Stats from other modes cannot vanish. There have been about a couple hundred posts on the forum where people simply forgot to check one of the checkboxes above (QM, UD, SL, HL, TL, VS. AI) and select the “lifetime” tab.

Yes, but that was in response to your initial answer. You didn’t read his initial post very well and answered it incorrectly. Then it became about DW and brawl, which wasn’t even in his first post. I only mention it because you did the same thing to me, and I’ve seen you do it a couple more times on other people’s posts too.

He hasn’t replied anything in 7 days, other than “that did something” (which I assume he means returned some of the missing stats, except for Brawl).