Spider Tomb- Siege Merc: Hit indicator miss


Hero: D.Va
Location: Tomb of The Spider Queen
Game Mode: Quick Match

So a siege Mercenary killed me with his big rocks he throws, but the (damage/location/A.O.E) was clearly not underneath my Hero.

Ive experienced alot of bugs similar to this, but never watched the replays for confirmation, just assumed that it was just my eyes playing tricks

how do i send you a clip of the replay? do you store them?


I can vouch for it - I was Johanna in the same match…way off with the aim there.


We would love to get a hold of a replay in which this issue occurred. Along with showing us the other factors at play in a match (which could be influencing the issue), a replay contains vital information under the surface, which we can analyze.

If you could review our Bug Attachment Guidelines and send a copy of that to Heroesbugattachments@blizzard.com, it would be very appreciated.