Spell Power Not Affecting Healing on Force of Will

I was testing Medivh in a custom game against some dummies, and I noticed what seems to be a bug or just an inconsistent interaction between spell power and the healing restored by force of will.

Taking the Force of Magic talent at level 7, I noticed that the spell power granted is not affecting the healing returned by force of will, but is still displaying a crit-kicker as though it were being increased; however, the spell power from arcane brilliance IS increasing the healing provided by force of will.

I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but if it is it seems very weird that it behaves that way. I also don’t know if this is a bug that is only occurring in custom games/try mode.

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Thanks for bringing this up to attention, all similar cases of double dipping when it comes to buffs should either be standardised or completely removed.

Gaining increased healing that benefits off spell power through and an ability that is triggered through damage of an enemy source is a weird one. Yrel’s shield ultimate works the same way, someone could look at that as well. Basically stuff like Kharazim’s Blue spirit and Varian’s banner should not increase healing received when the entire heal is dependant first and foremost on damage intake.

I’m not sure either how these interactions play out when the subject of these two abilities is taking damage while affected by mortal strike or similar heal reduction effects. Specific balancing has not become problematic yet and the game play is in no way negatively affected but it would be great if some inconsistency got addressed.

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Hey Surge,

Thanks for the report I’ll take a look and see what I see!


I look forward to hearing more!