Sonya ssSSUPER SLAMm build


you slam the tank and you kill the backline. I’m starting to think this build doesn’t always get the credit it deserves


I feel like it does.


I almost never build into slam. War paint and tough as nails give much better value than furious blow at level 1.

Shattered ground is pretty good but I usually have to take hurricane to have a self cleanse and I actually like shot of fury, very useful for keeping wrath going and works well with battle rage. Tough choice here tbh.

I almost always take nerves of steel at 16 over giant slammer. Sonya just does not need this talent, especially if you took wrath. She already does a lot of damage so increasing her survivability seems like a no brainer.


The reason I even tried was because of watching Fan meming on stream… I wouldn’t say you should pass up E cleanse at 4 or AA build when you need it but in some of the gray-area drafts where I can afford to play around with the talents, I’ve been just going for it, full W build… I honestly did not expect it to feel this good but it feels AWESOME

ranged sonya is like a new hero for me rn. The lv1 is like SoF for your slam damage/resource, with that phat aoe mmmmmmm


It’s her best offensive build, but you need a main tank and a healer to do it. Even then, most players won’t cause Whirlwind is easier to play.


I’ve run carry Sonya games with Morales using this build — works great