Songs to play the game to!






Le Roberto Zombie favorite song of all time that hypes me up is “More Human than Human,” but it’s too lewd for the forums
here’s the clean verison though.

Also when playing Sylvanas


Welp, I can see this thread being everyone posting whatever kind of metal “dude check this out” kind of a thing, so, guess here’s my humble part lol:

Only thing is I don’t listen to these while playing HotS, but rather when at work though :slight_smile:


Can’t think of a more proper song to play HOTS to :upside_down_face:


Thank you all for keeping this thread alive for this long, quality posts.



Lot of the song vids posted here can’t be viewed as they are unavailable in my country. Rippu


I just listened to a lot of types of music. :stuck_out_tongue:
this song reminds me of my middle school days of Madness Combat

@Samisha it’s great. I discover new music here.
@Skullypirate I can kinda see why when it comes to stuff like metal, and any of it’s genre.

I listen to a wide range of music.


lol reminds me of…


In this thread, this is my religion:


That’s one of the best songs.






t h e
r e a l
d e a l


This needs some vaporwave.



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