Some of my HotS art!

Ahoy gang! i was hoping to eventually make trust level 3 so that i could share direct pics,
but it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen so i’ll just post links!
here are some of my HotS arts!

Belial - Lord of Lies "Shhhhhh!"
i thought i’d be cool to imagine Belial making his way to the Nexus!

"Get away from her you b%%h!", Tracer and Primeval Diablo! no prizes for guessing the reference! :joy:

and lastly
A flame from the Shadows!
Arthas, Xul and Orphea facing off against…DEATHWING!
(its dark, but its supposed to be!)

made a new one :-3
Johanna and Whitemane vs Mal’Ganis and Dreadlord Jaina!

one more, i’m having fun with these XD
:mage: “I have a quest for y…” :scream_cat: :policeman: “OH NO YOU DONT!” :policewoman:


Nice! Expecially the last one.

What did you use to make these? SFM or Blender?

something similar to SFM called XPS (XNA-Posing-Studio) :smiley:
and i render them in Octane Render :yum:

and thanks both! :-3

wow these are awesome!!

thanks :smiley:
they were fun to make :-3