Some Nova Buffs from a player with 1500+ Games on Nova


I agree with the sentiment OP but not your analysis.

TIER 1: Longshot is the only talent. Covert Ops is a trap. The slow is increase is big, but the real reason it seems effective is becuase it forces you to be closer, so you get more autos in before the hero could run away. Its totally overkill if you step closer. Advanced cloaking was just fine before they delayed the movement speed increase, revert that and get rid of the mana regen. When it dropped from 4 to 2 and they lowered the snipe cd you dont spend enough time in stealth to make that regen impactful.

TEIR 2: my defualt is rapid projection for small maps, larger maps covert mission. Holo stability is garbage for a number of reasons, 2x damage on decoys means increased duration is pointless, how dumb the ai is, between sometimes not attacking anything and others just standing still trying to auto someone for no damage, it fools no one. Id like to see this talent remove the bonus damage the decoy takes so its harder to get rid off, allowing to maybe delay a channel a bit longer but also not being a dead give away when it takes damage.

TEIR 3 you skipped. I assume like me, you find a niche for each of these talents.

TIER 4 TT is definitely one of the worst ults in the game. I think what needs to change is the all or nothing for 100 CD. Give it the Rain of Vengance treatment and allow it to store 3 charges of 1 shot at 35second CD per charge. Could even tone the damage down a tad to compensate for the flexibility.

TIER 5 Ionic field needs an in stealth effect. Whether its the same armor, or maybe 2% health regen per second…something. as is it will never compete with the other talents.

TEIR 6 technically all the talents are good, i feel like if you fix holo stability or the ai in general lethal decoy would be more attractive.

TIER 7 Apollo suit should increase the number of decoys you create from 1 to 2, including ghost protocol. Its a lvl 20 talent for goodness sake, lets make it sexy yeah? Fast Reload with my previous change, restores all charges at once. Delete rewind, totally agree its hamstrung her for a long time. If you must have 4 talents, i guess increase the range of her basic attacks and abilities by 2.

At this point in the game, she needs to stay what she is. We can get tosh or a no name to be a real ghost hero… maybe.


How many games on the most recent nova do you have OP?
Because this is a hilarious read of a post.

Hotslogs says you have few, and are trying to build around Crippling Shot. Which is not where Nova’s power is overall.

I am also happy to expand or clarify on things I cut short—wrote this on my phone at break at work.

That is your opinion. I think it is wrong.

Hope it isn’t too bad.

Disagree. The additional slow isn’t that meaningful overall. In most cases if they’re going to die, you don’t need the extra slow.

No, lol. It helps with mana and let you stay moving around and not having to TP.

Apollo Suit May be underpowered—I’ve not used it much—but Advanced Cloaking is fine and should stay, even if Apollo suit in some form is moved to level 1.

I disagree on them being necessarily weak.
They’re often situational, and require thinking ahead to how you want to play for the game.

No quests isn’t an issue. But if it makes you feel better, think about Bribe as a quest.

Decoy AI needs to explain what it actually does somewhere in the game. It’s a mess, but it’s a mess completely independent of this talent tier.

Not necessarily.

NO. No. No. No no no.
you are right decoy does miss snipes a good chunk of the time however.

Bosses are camps.
This talent is fine, If is a bribe where you can get bonus stacks by getting kills.
If it changes, it would be to increase bribe kills give, or if his bribe as a whole is changed.

Terrible understanding of the talent, terrible replacement suggestion.

I agree the talent is weak, but your replacement suggestion is hilariously OP.


I think headshot is bad, but why not make it just refund the full cooldown still?

Debatable, it does impact if somewhat, not sure how much.



The new triple tap would be hands down the best at 16. Your ideas are not bad, but i do not think her damage is the problem. I think an simple hp buff is all she needs.


Fact that reworked Nova was plain OP means its numbers issue, not kit issue.


Would you like horns, a hammer, and faith in the Light and the Alliance with that?


Well they also butchered the ai of her poor holos. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fact that Nova is above 50% win rate in both QM and ranked means she isn’t underpowered at all. Nova has big range advantage and can do burst damage from a range beyond most other heroes, even other ranged heroes. Nova has 2 escapes and one of those escapes gives her complete invulnerability to auto-attacks and point-and-click abilities. Furthermore, Nova has a built-in speed and mobility advantage as long as she is stealthed, which means she can get away. Consider how most heroes have to spend a talent for a speed increase, if they get that choice at all.

Fact is that with her slow ability, she can target another hero, unload a bunch of damage, and get away with absolutely no way for the other hero to catch her unless they are someone like Genji or Maiev. Of course all this power needs some sort of drawback. What you’re asking for is an OP hero that can just delete other heroes in one rotation every time without any counterplay and that’s not going to happen. Some of the suggestions are ridiculously funny.


Her AI is as dumb as her new holos btw, keeps suiciding into tower range.


Ghost protocol has 60 seconds CD, when Tassadar’s E with invulnerable, bonus move speed, total invisibility and without interruptions has 30 seconds CD.

Where is logic?


Imagine Nova being be OP on bronze level because the AI of her holos is outperforming every other player in the match xD


Logic is here: you can’t just compare heroes like that, simple.


Honestly, have you ever tried other game mode than QM? If this was true Nova would be first ban hero everywhere.

She has 46% winrate in Storm League.

Snipe has 10.8 range. She used to have range advantage in Beta, but now there are many heroes with similar or even longer range (Hanzo, Chromie, Azmo…).

Stealth is clearly visible, is it so difficult to break it? Additionally:

So 15% (can be talented to 25) is now considered as good mobility ??? Have you play against good Genji, Zeratul, Maiev, Tracer, Lucio?

Alex, Ana, Li Li, Tyrande, BW, Hanzo, Genji, Abathur, Anduin, Lucio, Chromie, Kharazhim, Rehgar, Lt. Morales, Raynor, Fenix, Malfurion, Uther, Whitemane, Cassia, Falstad, Junkrat, Greymane, Mephisto, Tychus, Lunara, Sylvanas, Hammer, Tass, Zul’jin, Yrel, Ilidan, Zarya, Arthas, Blaze, Mal’Ganis, Tyrael, Stitches, E.T.C., Valla, Gazlowe, Maiev, Murky, Samuro, Zeratul, Valeera, Butcher, Chen, Malthael, D.Va, Imperius, Dehaka, Leroic, ragnaros, Sonya, Varian, Rexxar

I didn’t even count teleports, dashes, etc.

She can kill you only if you let her! To kill you, she needs fully stacked Snipe Mastery + she needs to hit you more than once with Snipe + few AA. Of course, if you ignore the mini map, you push with low HP, you actually want her to kill you! You are just a free kill. But it is only your fault! Her burst potential is nowhere near heores like Jaina or KT.

Do you know about minimap?
Have you ever played with a healer?
Do you know you can stand in the middle of minions, because minions block her Snipe?
Do you know it is possible to dodge a skillshot, if you move unpredictably?


That’s just shameful. Surely Blizzard can do better than this.


literally just revert nova’s base numbers to right after the rework and keep the current talents. Balance from there.

Nerfing her base kit was stupid when the only issue was holo decoys dealing truckloads of damage.


Ghost Protocol should spawn untalented Decoy.


Too much nonsense in one post. Start thinking or get lost clueless noob.
autobusik2 said everything right in respond.


The best way to play nova is with longshot lvl1 and Q build and just be a sustained damage dealer like hanzo. The reason covert ops is bad is because it gets 0 value in teamfights where you want to constantly be AA’ing and using spells. If you only pick her to be a roaming ganker there are better heroes for that job.


Tassadar’s takes up an ability slot and costs mana?

Like, Nova has issues, plenty of issues.
But the OP’s post is hilariously off base.


Nova’s problem imo is the stealth Nerf and that her decoys are crap and fools no one. The mind games with old nova were really fun but that’s gone now cause she’s too easy to spot and her decoys are not convincing.

Make her decoys not take so much damage so that it actually looks like you’re hitting the real nova and make her decoys do like 20 percent dmg so it actually looks like the real nova is attacking you.

Her only defence should be through her stealth, long range, and decoys. No extra armour or healing or whatever. If a sniper is caught in the open and dived on they deserve to die.

At level 20 give her the ability to double her decoy production for maximum confusion and fun. If you are scared of the dmg this can do then Nerf decoy dmg if she takes this talent.


Main changes I would make:

Make Ghost Protocol a level 1 talent.

Revert Snipe’s damage, at least partially, and make Snipe Master an optional talent again.

Prevent Holo Decoys from dealing fatal damage to heroes.

Move Covert Deployment to level 4 so it’s not competing with Longshot.

Move Explosive Round back to level 13 and re-add Railgun, which would increase Snipe’s range and cause it to pierce enemies, to compete with it.

Increase Lethal Decoy’s damage bonus to 40% and allow them to deal fatal damage, since only one can be active at a time, and add a talent called Wild Ghost Chase, which increases HD’s cooldown but grants it 3 charges, at level 16.

Remove Rewind at level 20 and replace it with some other effect, such as Psychic Screen, which prevents Revealing effects from revealing Nova or her Decoys.